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Tim Gaze is an unrivalled asemiotician who performs, collects & distributes asemic writing. The latest issue of his magazine, Asemic Magazine 5, is a wicked-ass compilation of radical grapholect -- it contains a beefy breadth of international asemics : including Canada, England, Uruguay, Australia, U.S.A, Portugal, France, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Finland, Nigeria & Iran.

You can read an interesting short statement (along w/ 4 textual works) w/ Tim over at Muse Apprentice Guild.

The lookreading experience of Asemic 5 is like transformative immersion; a transmuted cognitive form escaping the uniformity of interpretation & offers Heidegger's " other possibilities of utterance " -- ideographic nondiscursivity threshed to the limits of reading and seeing, writing and drawing; asemic writing is an instrument accessible to all sighted peoples, regardless of national or cultural language & it's in that asemiosphere which avoids the thorny ethical dilemma involved w/ the violence of translation -- it acts as a direct interface, immediate osmosis bypassing normal/habitual linguistic mental-processing; situated in that interzone outside any linguo-culturo-centric identity.

Glottogenesis led to sociogenesis, which led to cultural conditioning in forming who we think we are -- asemic writing can be a tool (or a form of unwordly magic) to rupture the 'games of communication' inherent in the economic & taxonomic language structure; thus decentralizing the system of sign-and-its-interpretant & offering a more universal topology of informational construction.

Essential reading on this subject can be found here (in pdf format):

Asemic Magazine 5 can be had for
approx. 15 Euro by contacting Tim at:
gazetim (at) bigpond (dot) com

as Tim has rightly said:
" Paper has more presence than electronic media. "

have a looksee at

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5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

"all the birds copulated with the sea; there issued forth the shellfish"

a short ramble-rant from me:

if one denies asemic writing as having no significance whatsoever (just abuncha scribbles, pffft), then one also denies any nonverbal elements associated w/ language -- kinesic, proxemic, tactile, gestural etc etc -- & that's an absurd position for one to take , because the above noted nonverbal elements of bodily semiosis are undeniable.

also of interest:

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(keyword = asemic)

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Andrei Molotiu sa...

Hey, did you see the piece by my son in it? It's the one marked "alm." He made it at the ripe old age of 2 years and 2 months. With no help or prompting from daddy whatsoever.

troylloyd sa...

yep, coolstuff -- he already has an "expressive line" !

he's lucky to have you as his father, whatta brimming bookshelf to explore & markmaking materials for the playzone.

sometimes, i try to regain my preliterate capacity via left-hand, the lack of "muscle memory" for writing w/ that hand can deliver interesting results, but really i'd like to be ambidextrous & do symmetrical double-handed drawings the way Dieter Roth did, his 'fast drawings' are incredible.

Anonym sa...

i can't believe i didn't mention

the new post-literate

it's a great gallery of asemic writing.

Anonym sa...

an interesting recent interview w/ Tim Gaze can be found here:

Outside Writers

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