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In conjunction with the Visual Poetry Workshop that Karri Kokko was hosting in Finland, he set up a display with some of the stuff i have sent him thru the mail. It was on exhibit at the Helsinki Library . I was stoked when i first saw the photos he sent me, kind of putting my work into a different perspective from how i usually view it & it's weird how contextual elements have an effect on the reception of work.

Also, you may take notice of the little typewriter-key box pictured above, it was made by my sister Wendy (or Loo Loo, as i sometimes call her) & it warms my heart that her creative work was also a part of the display, she has been a vital element in my life & an everpresent support of foundational strength for me, without all of the help she has given me, i would have washed away in the gutters of this lousy world a long time ago.

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troylloyd sa...

major super big thanks go to that incredible poet Karri Kokko!

Karri Kokko sa...

Happy to do it, Troy, happy and honored.

Stephen Nelson sa...

Hey, same with my sister. She saved my life. And now you're in Helsinki. Great stuff!


Stu sa...

Karri has put everything so beautifully....

your works comes out beautifully.

I'm glad that peoples here in Finland could saw your work by this exhibition.

troylloyd sa...

= )

big smileys!

Anonym sa...

Thanks Troy! You are a warm spirit and
you mean the world to me. You are a
creative inspiration to me as well as many
others. I'm happy to have you as my brother.
I love you - Loo Loo

troylloyd sa...

hey WendyLoo!
= )
tack så mycket!

love to you!