moving thru the slow road

i'm slowly moving from Calhoun back to Atlanta & the updates here will be spotty & irregular for a while as i get situated & re-situate things to get myself rolling again. hopefully once i'm all settled in, i'll be able to get my mailings up to snuff thru the postals & maintain this bloggo a little better. thanx for looking.

4 kommentarer:

u-haulish sa...

cum as you is


nothin' burns cleaner
thanna free-greaser
throttled wide open
onna fullcharge
switchback pass
in carve
thru that stretch
of voidroad
known as nomansland.

(next stop)

ArtSparker sa...

Hope the gradual quality of the move makes it less onerous than the usual sort of thing...

mike di tomasso sa...

sundr strumr
strumr strmr

Bookie sa...

ah,,keeping my eyes busy