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Lacan says the subject of a signifier is always another signifier.

Hegel says the achievement of modernity was to allow the principle of
subjectivity to attain fulfillment in the self-sufficient extreme of personal particularity.

Žižek says the role of philosophy is not to provide answers,
but to analyze how we view questions.

Tristan Tzara says logic is always wrong.

deMan says the resistance to theory is a resistance to the use of language to discuss language.

Derrida says what really occurs is always unknown, never foreseen, never possible.

Heidegger says in the very instance of whatever is said, a hidden plenitude is left unsaid.

Virilio says today there remains nothing but the cathode ray screen, with its shadows and
spectres of a community in the process of disappearing.

Gadamer says now let`s go from the beginningless and endless back into the middle of the
linguisticality of human beings.

Jean-Luc Nancy says elusion or evasion of meaning is the meaning most proper to what we call art.

Ricoeur says the first truth--I am, I think--remains as abstract and empty as it is invincible.

Bataille says we must take objects away from productive activity to the interest of the instant itself.

Kittler says the affirmative means that we affirm what is and negate what is not, whereas simulation means
to affirm what is not and negate what is.

Lacoue-Labarthe says the possibility of poetry, and with it that of a world, is ecstasy.

Vattimo says that it is easy to fall into the trap of seeing the expression there is no one truth as the one and only truth.

Balibar says that every ruling ideology has to incorporate ideas of those who oppose it.

Kristeva says that we enter the symbolic order when we fully acquire language and
become social subjects.

Nietzsche says people have the acoustic illusion that where nothing is heard there is nothing.

Sartre says words are loaded pistols.

Todorov says a word’s meaning is the sum of its possible relations with other words.

Duchamp says it's not what you see that is art, art is the gap.

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