brutale manteau de cheminée

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baudelaire 1857 sa...

Talkative humanity,

intoxicated on its genius,

mad now in crazed agony,

in love with the crushing whip,

Forward !

Joyous heart embarked on darkness,

where our brain is bottom

in finiteness kissing bitter,

singular hell of an orgy promised by invention,

teeth and nails and the fatal ladder,

learned jugglers caressed by serpent,

boring spectacle of monotonous world,

burning our own image again and again

to kill death with swarming pleasure

or attract one another as mirrors

to admire our remainders,

bottomless gulf,

plunged to trembling within open pose

and spilled forth swift

in sad dying langour,

the brutal mantle


right on our heads.

sickly condensed from Flowers of Evil,
mostly the Voyage ;
via Wallace Fowlie's

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