collaboration w/ Mike Cannell

A few excerpts from a series possibly titled
"Безумно жить одной мечтой, ещё глупей"

(It may be mad to live by a dream,
but it is insane to live without one.)

A collaborative interaction with polypoet Mike Cannell; his energy and enthusiasm are boundless -- he's engaged in a wide breadth of poetic operations at which his hand is deft with the proper placement of elements essential for creating well-wrought works. Some people are born naturals, with an eye & mind in sync to the peculiarities of vispo -- I get the feeling from Mike that he's got that à la naturel ability. Lining the bits up proper, either dirty or clean, to achieve an inherent balance while still preserving the humming human sonority felt by the well-tuned lookreader. He also writes both prose and pwoermds. His soundpoetry is outstanding, operating both in the organic & the processed realm -- the soundpoems will loop continuously after downloading, enabling the looklistener to open a new window for further browsing while wrapped in the aural atmosphere. I particularly enjoy the 8:24 piece "assumption", one of the more processed soundpoems -- akin to a merger of Pierre Henri, Doc Wor Mirran & a Staalplaat noise-comp; after listening for awhile one is earholed into a psychedelische poésie sonore locale of lingual transmutations. Mike is still quite young and no doubt his work will further evolve intricately as he develops his particular strain of noisy poetics -- recently creating his blog in rapidfire intensity with lightnin' tipped fingers & thunder'dup vocality, its auditocular massivity is already gravitational and yet such depths left that we can witness the constellatory formation:

(don't forget to fit yr ears in th soundpoems)

This collaborative exercise was a learning experience for me as I've never attempted vispo via computer due to my dim knowledge of the mechanics involved with even basic programming & I ain't got no fancypants softwares or "killer apps" for userfriendly manipulations -- altho now I may go looking for some freeware of the graphic sort. I learned that a merge of the analog with the digital can be interesting and retain a certain basic rawness. I'll probably post up a few more of the collab pix in the coming weeks -- being a recent blogger myself, I've learned that maintaining a blog has become a motivational prompt for me to create work (not just content, but work I'm somewhat satisfied with) and I need that little push or I tend to lurk in the marginalia of just thinking and not doing.

Even if the mortal is not alive that you are mirroring,
the head realizes it.
(ingest websites)

(when writing the letters flowed from the fingers on
the keypad are looking for the finger the letters)

With a small working note:
semastruct ununique

Last Modified: and wrap up with a snappy ending.

This supersedes all previous sentences.

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autho unknowd sa...







mike cannell sa...

thanks for the kind words,Troy.
I approve of the title yoy suggested for our colab and I hope this is a first in a long line of colabs between you and I.

troylloyd sa...

cheers mike

the frenetic energy i felt from yr blog really was & still is an inspirational get the fuck up and go prompt to get things done and i appreciate that...

...i also think you know yr shit onna historical tip and yr well-versed w/ alltha essential forerunners who believed in their works enough to standfast against ignorance & ridicule...

also, itsa bit of a strange synchronicity that our blogs formed at a time in close proximity
you= may 15
me= may 19