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autho unknowd sa...

Street to you

pier open-air

a we to inhabit


Of the other

walking streets

in an identity

sees on and on

corners, volumetrics

Under was never

easily into it

and ways

over everything:

plush barrels

of an obscure evicted

it was, and is.

Glimpses up to:

adjustment grew

each other

they knew

that knows

only forgotten

argues free


dull refrain,

over on itself

spaces among the days.

More literal,

more visible.


origin hangs

like smoke:

always up,

and left our trash,

sperm and excrement

everywhere, smeared

to make of us

what we could.

autho unknowd sa...

Pouring it on,

to you.

We built it

over with fake ruins,

image ourselves:

never completed

are we to inhabit

space from which

the fourth wall

is invariably missing,

as in except

by staying as we are,

with dozens

of as yet

unrealized projects,

time running out,

we fit rather easily

into it, transparent,

almost ghosts.

Birds absorbed

density too heavy,

adjustment they knew

not down the block

under but all undid it:

the wallpaper,

million all over to it.

And changes everything

and how, going

to write with


necessary unimportant details.

autho unknowd sa...

What caused us

to start caring

whether it exists?

Water increased

always alone,

the sketched in,

and then ... silence,

or blankness,

return idea

summed up images?

So now we know

the way the

deepen the

the shadow

you bend over


List each one

added color

the direction

of each thing,



(Again) slanting barren

makes no mention

at most lines


Somewhere near

all the efforts

puff out idea,

even implicit


How to get out?

never unless

and that's how.

Be rags now,


permanent late




Such simple things.

autho unknowd sa...

Penguin Poets

This new collection of thirty-nine poems from John Ashbery -- all of them written since the publication of his award-winning Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror --continues the poet's astonishing explorations ( to use Donald Barthelme's words ) of places where no one has ever been.
"Wet Casements","Syringa","Loving Mad Tom", and the long "Fantasia on 'The Nut-Brown Maid'" which concludes the book, are among the riches in a collection of dazzling eloquence and power.

"Houseboat Days" is Ashbery's very best book, with many astonishing poems in it, some transcending even Ashbery's most beautiful earlier work. He and Elizabeth Bishop are our two living contemporaries who should be beyond all critical dispute."
- Harold Bloom

"Ashbery is astonishingly original, and though his mannerisms have been widely imitated, he himself has imitated no one."
-Edmund White

"The sheer range of Ashbery's style is unparalleled among contemporary writers."
-Fred Moramarco

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Desire St.

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i like these ones!!!

Beautifull lightness!