Sentences on Conceptual Poetics , 2008

1. Conceptual poetics is ideaistic without the ideation.

2. That's the only sentence ; please repeat endlessly.

( who do you think i am? Sol LeWitt 1968? )

[ 3. These sentences commment on poetics, but they do not form a poem ]

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autho unknowd sa...

" Conceptual art," wrote Sol LeWitt in 1968, " is good only when the idea is good."

"If the art were better, one might forgive the witless public posturing of its ardent practitioners, the endless feuds over who did what first, the moral ambiguity that exists between the stated purpose of this political activity and the willingness of its artists to allow their "work" to be circused in lavish museum spectacles."

"a cultural mugging"

Sol LeWitt
born 1928

24) Perception is subjective.



conceptual poetics is over

(if you want it)

(you want it?)


Chris sa...

3. These sentences commment on poetics, but they do not form a poem

I say they DO form a poem. And since I was the one who said they form a poem, they are now a poem written by me. Mua ha ha!

troylloyd sa...

muchmost awesomeness Chris !

thanx for commmenting,
i liked yr poem,
it's kinda funny -
how you sd :
endlessly repeat.

; )


anyone who crafts a fine furniture text as yerself & not only that, but asks pop quizzes about John Cage's typewriter preferences -

is aces in my book!

salut !

i wish i could move to Toronto.
altho expensive, the scene is deep 'n swingin', eh?

Chris sa...

I suspect there is quite a scene in Toronto, but I don't get there for another ten days or so. I will keep you posted.

troylloyd sa...


i was recently in
Buffalo NY,
it was super,
v. lit-minded
& alltha other
goodstuffs one
cd ask for.

i've heard v. good
things abt
a long & shining
poetic history there.

lucky duck, you.