klecksographie [ glublotto ]

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Symmetry has been a long-standing obsession. A random inkblot spawns arms, legs, petals and tentacles if it’s fed a mirror, quadruple the symmetry and you’ll find the VJ’s staple retinal snack. More so, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that drawing quaternary images (including mandalas) could be used to create a sacred and protected psychological space.

Ich habe keinen blassen Schimmer, woher dieser Begriff kommt und was er bedeutet, nehme aber an, dass es etwas aus der Wissenschaft ist - entweder ein Gerät oder ein Bild oder sonstwas. Wer kann helfen?

Rorschach died at the age of 37, only seven months after Psychodiagnostik, was published.
The 183 pages (English translation) that comprise the monograph are rich with concepts, findings, and case examples, but many issues about which Rorschach wrote are not fully explained, and some are addressed briefly, or in a manner that leaves important questions unanswered. This is not sur-
prising because Rorschach did not regard his work as having yielded a test per se and, by no means,
considered his work to be complete. Instead, he viewed his monograph as a report of findings from an investigation into perception. The original title that Rorschach selected for his monograph was,
Method and Results of a Perceptual-Diagnostic Ex-
periment: Interpretation of Arbitrary Forms. The issue of the title was raised in early August of
1920, when the manuscript was being reviewed before the type setting began. Walter Morgenthaler, a
close friend and colleague, who was serving as the professional editor for the project, wrote to

I take this opportunity to include a word about the title of your work. I believe you are being very
modest about it. Your subject concerns more than just Perception Diagnostics, much more than that,
and all together more than a “mere” experiment. I would, therefore, like to suggest as the main title
(in caps) PSYCHODIAGNOSTIK (or something similar). . . . As a subtitle I could see: “Through
the Interpretation of Chance Forms,” or “Experimental Investigations With the Interpretation of Accidental Forms.”
(Morgenthaler, 1920/1999)


It is certain that Rorschach often played the popular Klecksographie (Blotto) game as a youth.
In fact, he even had the nickname “Klex” during his last two years in the Kantonsschule, which might have reflected his enthusiasm for the game.

Kleck|so|gra|phie, auch...gra|fie die; -,...ien (zu dt. Klecks u. → ...graphie): eines von mehreren aus Klecksen

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your asemic writing is awesome! keep it up!

mike cannell sa...

you wouldn't happen to have MSN messenger would you?

matt dalby sa...


Recently used this word in a mnml poem and it works as a term of approbation.

My next semester is on "Where poetry happens" among other things. Now I'm considering submitting my essay in glass paint on mirrors, lightbulbs, drinking glasses and plates. Caek and thanks.

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thanx main,

i'm gonna pile up
the pages.

i don't have the MSN thing,
i have seen people using it
& it's pretyy cool how
it's toatal insataneous.

troylloyd sa...

hey matt, thanx for

hellyeah dude, rip it up.

you are the definer of the definition.

the mirror idea is good, lotsa possibilities.

one thing i've been thinkin' about doing is a series called "Julian Schnabel ain't the only one who can break plates" with broken plates all plastered & writ upon or somethings.

but yr idea of eating utensils is pretty clever, to tie writing in w/ the necessity of food, could even droppa Burroughs Naked Lunch reference, or Frank O'Hara for that matter, luck to you & be sure to post the results on DeadWasp so we can sees 'em done all up.

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if you get msn messenger('tis free) I would add you to my list and we can chat more.(as in full Ç☺nvËŔŻǽŧǏǑǒnѕ/discussions)I would open this invitation to matt also, if he reads this)

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Ç☺nv MËŔŻ ǽŧǏǑǒnѕ