poesia sonora

i got lucky & found this record atta local record store, Wax 'n Facts, a couple of years ago (Victoria & Milton always have the goodstuff), pressed on ultraclear vinyl, itsa reprint of one those hard-to-find Cramps Records (from Italy), repressed by Zona Archives inna ltd. ed. of
600 copies.

Forced Exposure may still have a copy left?

a short article about Cramps Records

a few misc. soundpo linkies :
a great reprint from Visible Language ( Phildelpho Menezes)
Visible Language is my favorite print journal, well worth seeking out, each issue is fulla the interestings, some issues are quite pricey tho, but one should always be eyeballing --
i was doing an out-of-town job in Scottsboro Alabama & found issue XXIII 2/3 "inscriptions in painting" atta junkstore for one dollar!
i was Mr. Happyhead !

Towards a Genealogy of Electro-Acoustic Literature

Sound Poetry - A Survey (Steve McCaffery)

an interesting essay by Zachar Laskewicz



Gerhard Rühm

Pennsound :



and much much much much more @ Pennsound

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i love concrete

i love pottery

but i’m not

a concrete pot

mike cannell sa...

I love sound pot

re: the voice is the poem

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troylloyd sa...

oh yeah,

here's a link to

Visible Language