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inker unked sa...

airsome allthafaster
'n walkawind
wayoff whichaways
toofro out'n beyont
shadder o'any
illit linguister
gashly patcha
blast'd rackets
ashook 'n shotten
bya thunderation
nigh ne'eranuffer
to knocka noggin
switchback slunga
'mongst shitters
enshredd'd wither
hilla beenies,

pass th' glass.


mike cannell sa...

PVA'n'blue takes my mind back to school art lessons. we had huuuuuuge bottles of white liquid glue.

troylloyd sa...

yup. love the stuff.

i gotta boatload of Elmer's glue last school supplies sale, it was only 27 cents a bottle!

This side of the pond, the only people I've heard call it PVA are bookbinders & librarians.

Archival quality stuff has its advantages, but I'm glad alotta those old paperbacks used hi-acid paper 'cause those lignins make that beautiful golden yellowing.