at first glance

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sitar hero sa...

open book
at first glance
action range contains
each unbound otherwise:

before assembly, a pile.

after assembly, the world.

handling of
direct experience,
never no text version
hurt like that --

trapping of time
over the years
a refusal to exist.


Glen sa...

This blog is kind of beautiful, though I will have to quite my job and dedicate my life to its perusal to fully appreciate its meaning. I also value you list of favorite music and agree with all your choices. Weird. Luck with your future works. - Glen

mike cannell sa...


troylloyd sa...


thanx for taking the time to commment. You're a crucial influence on my worldview & introduced much of the goodstuff via yr zine & radioshow, Atlanta has been enriched by yr enthusiasm & activity.

i dunno where this blog is going or what its purpose is, but i dig the instant publishing aspect & how it gives a prompt to keep on makin' stuff up.

the future is always too close, the past passing..

thanx for the words,

salut to yoo!

troylloyd sa...



Anonym sa...

I'm impressed. In finish: olen vaikuttunut, hurmaavaa, inspiroivaa, visuaalista koko sanan merkityksessä.

I'm glad that I found this blog. Thanks to lyhyttavaraliike.

troylloyd sa...


En voi kiittää sinua kylliksi!

(Yes, thanx to lyhyttavaraliike,
Karri is great!)

i'm glad you found this blog also and thanks for leaving a commment, i have added one of yr blogs (kaistaton) to my linklist as it contains content of much goodstuff.


troylloyd sa...

sadly, Satu ended the kaistaton blog,

so i've added the
lasin läpi page in lieu.

Kirjoitan jatkossa vain kotisivullani

lasin läpi