Gnaw Thyself

some news:

the other day i was showing a visiting friend a listen of some of Mike Cannell's soundpo & discovered by accident a nice stimulating layer-upon-layer effect -- i've liked listening on Supload because the track continuously plays forever, but now i diggit even more 'cause i found you can clicka new window, go to Mike's soundpo & layer tracks upon other tracks & it creates a coola psychedelia lingual earholing -- very fun with headphones!

the visiting friend was Jeff Dahlgren a.k.a. Eggtooth & after visiting my hot sweltering Lovecraft attic of eccentricities, he posted a small biopic on his blog.

more later.

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one self sa...

what to write?
why to write ?
how to write ?
-pulling wor
ds outta air
suspected affair
exactly answers
going on when we
(commercial break)
& Dr. Phillip far
in zillavoice
so annoy.
(bars with protein)
complete report at six
(so self-conscious)
put on a persona
(helps improve)
someone you know
(it's huge top brands)
secret disorder
dot commit
(your chance event)
theme music
(big deal)
protective order
(ends soon)
violation of status
(due at signing)
missing person
(don't miss it)
as of this point now
(severe weather)
a married couple
(sammy chirp)
dramatic turn
- advert'd digression.
oh how'd i like
to hit himphil
w/ a twobyfour
bless'd w/ rusty
sixpenny D nails
or angry over
can't imagine
or very very scared
to calm down
for pg. 243
Conjunctions 15, 1990:
$1.48 waxpencil junk
, she says:
1. waste spaces
saw sheaves
strewn & stepped
& stepped
re- or ru-
some other word
world would wood
(clouds' lush chaos)
2. first folded up
nerve involvement
enigma enigma
one owes one's own
3. soft sleet asphalt
h dd n
i.e.: unanswerable
4. main meander
upon another eggshell
( deep wake )
5. -- skipping five --
6. poem pony?
bronze noble?
half-sprig soon?
written airy?
shadowy !
7. crack spine
rugged rip
list lines
impulse itself
speak weep
sleep unfinished
8. wavy tape staples
paper open when busy ripples
stilled surface
taking shape traces
( hold bl nk )
9. b & b & w;
y & n & y & n,
b & d :
rath to scrape
over score
(Page, by RBD -
well, not xactly)
always google o coursa,
notno time now tho -
it's real work, that.
do not disregard it,
people finger deep
& if you don't read
you're a sucker.
Fresh for dubbel
aught aught eight !
or maybe
just pullup
an old notbok:
wildword'd extraverbal
unmaking mades
of factual actuality
or actual farce
facing ways unrecognizable,
of the offing
in absolute dangjer.

"my myola"

gurgitation avid garish
upon opening eyelid:
see sought
(sea salt = magnetic waves)
an extract'd bathtub
for filth my messiness
draining dirty self
from the crusty earth.

ain't English greet ? ! ?

this littera letters,
do anything they do?

does anything
ever work or
is my fecal midas
touch'd such shittily?

( shit )

mike cannell sa...


the king of cartoons sa...


eggtooth sa...

i wrote gnaw thyself. it is not unknown.

eggtooth ist rad!

troylloyd sa...

i wrote it is not unknown,
popular on gaming forums
& soon to be implemented
into my worldwide hitparade.

Mr. Lowercase