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Jeff Koons is among the most controversial and intriguing artists to have emerged in the past decade.

Jeff Koons is a thieving hack.

Jeff Koons Is Now The Top Selling Living Artist (At Auction).

Jeff Koons is the JAM.

Jeff Koons, is sold to unidentified telephone bidder for $1.8 million.

Jeff Koons is being sued in Manhattan state court by his ex-wife, a porn star and former member of the Italian parliament.

Jeff Koons is a poser - that's a name for someone with no skill that pretends to be an artist.

Jeff Koons is undoubtedly one of the most influential heirs to American Pop Art.

Jeff Koons is a corporation.

Jeff Koons is geboren in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania.

Jeff Koons is Dover's most internationally famous product of this largely rural area.

Jeff Koons is being sued for overdue child support; he's failed to pay about $2.3 million.

Jeff Koons is synonymous with all that is sublime and ridiculous in art.

Jeff Koons is awesome and i have that dick sucking picture saved to my computer.

Jeff Koons is one of the world's most widely recognized artists.

Jeff Koons is making billboard-sized images of himself making love to his porn-star wife.

Jeff Koons is a 60ft dog made of flowers.

Jeff Koons is a balloon artist, and his balloon sculptures are absolutely gorgeous!

Jeff Koons is actually junk.

Jeff Koons is a fine example of the style Currie calls Analog Baroque.

Jeff Koons is anticipated to fetch around $12m (£6m) when it is sold at Christie’s sale of post-war and contemporary art in New York .

Jeff Koons is a great paradox, using humorous means for serious ends, trying to improve the quality of life of his viewers.

Jeff Koons is the Michael Jackson of the art world.

Jeff Koons is waarschijnlijk dat hij ijdele verzamelaars status verkoopt.

Jeff Koons is a cult.

Jeff Koons is so derivative of the photograph by Art Rogers that Mr. Rogers's copyright was infringed.

Jeff Koons is like holding The Sex Pistols responsible for every third rate punk band you’ve ever heard.

Jeff Koons is the new Andy Warhol and that Takashi Murakami is the new Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons is one of today's most fascinating and contentious artists.

Jeff Koons is still producing objects that fuel the system.

Jeff Koons is at the very top of our TOP 100 index.

Jeff Koons is not an artist he is an investment vehicle (fake) for hedge fund managers who cheat pension funds.

Jeff Koons is a good idea.

Jeff Koons is szobrot készített róla a majmával.

Jeff Koons is going to suspend a real railroad locomotive from a crane.

Jeff Koons is on a power trip.

Jeff Koons is a seminal figure in recent American art, but his work still seems to infuriate some audiences.

Jeff Koons is probably very impressive but was it worth twenty-five million dollars?

Jeff Koons is the most written about artist in the world.

Jeff Koons is praised and slammed.

Jeff Koons is appropriately nauseating, but not more nauseating than the sight of Koons's gleaming Poodle.

Jeff Koons is indeed communicative.

Jeff Koons is the most economically shrewd artist this century.

Jeff Koons is currently a stub, a brief collection of the best links for this story.

Jeff Koons is a razzle-dazzle impresario of the kitsch object.

Jeff Koons is as "good" as Donatello and Oasis are the equal of The Beatles and superior to Schubert.

Jeff Koons is moral revulsion.

Jeff Koons is seated in a bubble discussing his ex-wife's private parts.

Jeff Koons is presently undergoing an engineering feasibility study .

Jeff Koons is here to stay.

Jeff Koons is back in court with a child support demand.

Jeff Koons is also one of the most unfathomable.

Jeff Koons is def wildly talked about so much lately.

Jeff Koons is best known for his appropriation and recontextualization of ordinary, recognizable objects.

Jeff Koons is sitting pretty on top of the art-world market.

Jeff Koons is sitting in his TriBeCa loft, weeping as he crosses out dates on a tear-stained travel planner.

Jeff Koons is arguably the finest artist alive today.

Jeff Koons is a sprawling movement without a manifesto or common program.

Jeff Koons is as cutting edge as a westin hotel lobby.

Jeff Koons is good precisely because he so unerringly hones in on all the tropes and techniques which bad art thrives on.

Jeff Koons is probably my least favorite living artist.

Jeff Koons is Macy's newest acquisition from the world of the lively arts and continues the Parade's "Blue Sky Gallery" series.

Jeff Koons is a topical subject, its nothing new.

Jeff Koons is one of the top-quoted contemporary artists on the market.

Jeff Koons is een Amerikaanse object- en conceptkunstenaar, en wordt ook wel beschouwd als een belangrijke kunstenaar van het postmodernisme.

Jeff Koons is a wonderfully playful assemblage of language, rhythmic and hypnotic, comic and profound.

Jeff Koons is vastly overvalued.

Jeff Koons is to be commended for making art that shocks, and enrages people. this is one purpose of art.

Jeff Koons is an unassuming guy.

Jeff Koons is likely to eclipse much of the contemporary art coming up for sale.

Jeff Koons is as good a self-promoter as Andy Warhol and as shallow an artist.

Jeff Koons is no stranger to the courts.

Jeff Koons is opgegroeid als typische Amerikaan.

Jeff Koons is ironic and detached and is secretly mocking the images he professes to love.

Jeff Koons is a collage of events.

Jeff Koons is a Talentless Douche.

Jeff Koons is a genius because he's making porcelain dolls or making pornographic paintings with his wife.

Jeff Koons is Today’s Google Icon.

Jeff Koons is all about making us realize that abstraction can be as simple as merely abstaining from the mundane.

Jeff Koons is riding the B.S. train to wealth.

Jeff Koons is the fourth highest-priced artist of his generation.

Jeff Koons is a fucking fraud.

Jeff Koons is one of countless artists whose work would not have taken the road it did without Warhol's precedent.

Jeff Koons is a good customer.

Jeff Koons is paving the way for future artists moving in whatever direction he or she desires.

Jeff Koons is interesting, not edifying.

Jeff Koons is not George Bush because he's at least honest about his insincerity.

Jeff Koons is responsible for this disaster of an installation.

Jeff Koons is one of the savviest artists in the world.

Jeff Koons is creating a new art exhibit based on comic book character The Incredible Hulk.

Jeff Koons is far more sophisticated at dealing with ideas of contemporary life.

Jeff Koons is a charlatan of a very high order.

Jeff Koons is by no means a static artist, proven by his undying desire to incorporate all aspects of life into art.

Jeff Koons is therefore bound to antagonize concerns about authenticity of identity struggle.

Jeff Koons is het levende bewijs van deze stelling, en dat vormt een moeilijke en irritante uitdaging voor kunstliefhebbers.

Jeff Koons is a vortex of paradoxical collisions of high art, kitsch, the spectacle that parodies ideas of artist as genius, celebrity, and traditional points of what is valued in art.

Jeff Koons is the kitsch cavalier, a Wall Street shark turned artist who ran a canny marketing campaign promoting himself as a celebrity in magazines surrounded by blonde bombshells, tropical flowers and cute kids.

Ottmann: How do you manage to get all the legal rights?

Koons: I come out of a background of, at one time, being the Senior Representative for the Mu-seum of Modern Art. I was also a commodity broker on Wall Street for six years, so I have experience in deal-ing with people on a professional level. I had only one company in my last project that turned me down. And in each company I have to deal first with them, then with their lawyers, and in some cas-es with their advertising firms and their printers.

Ottmann: What is the significance of the Nike ads?

Koons:The Nike ads were my great deceivers. The show was about equilibrium, and the ads defined person-al and social equilibrium. There is also the deception of people acting as if they have accomplished their goals and they haven’t: “Come on! Go for it! I have achieved equilibrium!” Equilibrium is unattainable, it can be sustained only for a mo-ment. And here are these people in the role of saying, “Come on! I’ve done it! I’m a star! I’m Moses!” It’s about artists using art for social mobility. Moses [Malone] is a symbol of the middle-class artist of our time who does the same act of deception, a front man: “I’ve done it! I’m a star!”

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