circa 1999

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talkin' every whichaways sa...

lamppost parkalot
just ask info desk
for online access
or emergency egression,
where's the post office?
oh, a sixtynine year-old lady
drove her Dodge Durango
right thru glassfront
smashing into frontpage news,
it happens alot when
gas mistakes brake
anda ironic she was sixtynine
'cause 69 is F.A.'s box
& smallbox w/ wordbomb
only too plosive
& how being on hold
away from papers piled
lags the lack
& money don't seem worth it
when gotta straighten
a bentbrain
to getta job done.

mike cannell sa...

fozzy lugic

troylloyd sa...

selections fromma
pile o'pages
cull'd & call'd
" old smelly
junkstore typewriter
the great stained
cultural apparatus "