il faut qu'une porte soit ouverte ou fermée (11 rue Larrey)

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weird tales u.f.o. sa...

optical expansion pattern

distance width point width distance

eye observer eye

arrangement scene arrangement

range or range

any other end

an informational

available array

overlaid lying lids

( . l l u s . o n s )

deepshadow shunlight

amount'd brightly

so close to constancy

- more erringly -
- less correctly -

sensory should appear

in sliver insliver

only moments after

visual cliff hid attention

idea memory idea

memory idea memory

viva vise verca view




mike cannell sa...

amazing writing! Someone should make that as a font! Can you imagine that on word?

troylloyd sa...

i did come across a really great asemic freefont once, but i forget the name of it (it was installed on a different computer)

word is all i have, it's so rigid (more likely: operator skilss are under-developed), i'd love to get Quark or something similar like they use for magazine layouts, it'd be fun to play with & explore doing more concrete type stuff as opposed to this collage-type stuff i'm doing as of late.

this was writ on heat transfer paper, maybe EKG paper, i dunno, i found a big ream of it at the junkstore a couple of years ago, my flatmate asked me "what are you going to do with that? " i shrugged, i didn't even know what it was -- by accident of tossing a still-warm matchstick onna page i discovered what it was -- i did a whole series of stove-top circle burns, it was an electric stove with spiral eye, the fumes are noxious, probably cancer inducing, i made the spiral series into wallpaper, you can also use certain magic-markers & draw onna sheet of paper placed over the EKG paper & it bleeds thru the warm burn look -- this latest espisode i was trying to write with a stick of burning incense which kept going out, i remembered i have a soldering iron, which works excellent for continuous scripting -- you can also write on the backside & get a nice raised area along with the warm burn look -- the paper is covered with tiny little glitter (glycerine?) & it's funky, i get a headache from the fumes, maybe i should read up on how toxic it is?

: )