Let Us Spend the Rest of Our Lives Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now , Now & Now

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nappy-ass knot-head sa...

fuck'd up like freaknik
& crunk'd ontha cans
somehow sayin' shits
that don't even know
where words come from
saatchi-ass artdarling,
but yes
his books are beautiful
(it's like printing money)
Q: " who's on first ? "
A: " DamnHirst ! "
see shark :
it is the impossibility
of dealth
in wealthing collections,
bigteeth & rumbly-tummy
devouring idea
( formaldehyde has tendency
to polymerize, often an
insolubilizing agent :
ignoratio elenchi )
again, devouring idea --
& always moving
aswim in
the great white hype.
( high-art )


" An ingenious conflation
of the readymade w/
the memento mori "


_______a s t h a y s a y______
air Ɵ ʘ Ɵ ʘ Ɵ ʘ Ɵ ʘ Ɵ space


Anonym sa...

Very beautiful colours, and the light. Hurmaavan kaunista. Piristi.

troylloyd sa...

: )
heihei moro Satu!

mielessäni vastavaloon läpi hämäryys saakka paljon kielen liikehermo & nykyaikainen kieli tunne tunnelma silputa, silputa, silputa kunnes se on kokonaan toinen sanankäänne pukea sanoiksi eli, eli, eli niin kuin verkottunut siipi räpyttää & räpyttää tarkoitus & tarkoitus.

anteeksi käyttööni huono suomi toisena kielenä puute, puute & puute -- ehkä nämä virke (? ), pyyhkiä pois virallisesta rekisteristä
; )

vilpittömät kiitokset & kiitokset commment!

Tunnisteet: dialogi, Platonoff, proosapom, seksuaalisuuden fenomenologia, seksuaalisuus: sukupuoliinjakautumisen fenomenologia, Sokarates, usko ja uskonnot

mike cannell sa...


JimK sa...

corpuscle rainvent windowpress

mike cannell sa...

s'illcycle wind dou' pressed

ArtSparker sa...

Me, You and Everyone We Know

troylloyd sa...

1. pharmacopoeial (white fuzz)

2. double-dipped raindropth

3. cycylicalcal acosmic stronomy

4. bodies to world, dance!

troylloyd sa...

: )

here are several machine-translations of my attempt of Finnish :


JulyJuly moro Satu!
I am thinking vastavaloon through hämäryys up to a lot of nerve-language & modern language of feeling the atmosphere of shred, shred, shred until it is completely different sanankäänne to put into words, namely, in other words, in such a way as the wing of networked räpyttää & räpyttää & meant to be.

to make available a bad Finnish second language deficiency, lack & shortages - perhaps these sentences (?), brushed aside the official register.

my sincere thanks & gratitude commment!

Tags: Dialogue, Platonoff, proosapom, sexuality Fenomenologia, Sexuality: sukupuoliinjakautumisen Fenomenologia, Sokarates, faith and religion


byebye moro Satu!

thoughts vastavaloon through obscurity until considerably salient motor & modern parlance sentiment sentiment chop , chop , chop until it is clean another sanankäänne become quoth or , or , or like verkottunut vane wink & wink function & function.

sorry introduction wicked finland secondly salient deficiency , deficiency & deficiency possibly these sentence (? ), obliterate formally ton.

sincerely thanks & thanks commment!

identifier dialogue , Plato , prose seksuaalisuuden fenomenologia seksuaalisuus : sukupuoliinjakautumisen fenomenologia Sokarates , credence and uskonnot



hellohello moro Satu!

in my mind to vastavalo through dimness until a lot motor nerve of the language & a modern language feeling to chop, to chop, to chop the atmosphere until there is it totally another word cuff to dress to be words, in other words in other words in other words as, the wing which has networked flaps & to flap the purpose & the purpose.

sorry into my use a bad Finnish as the second language shortcoming, shortcoming & shortcoming perhaps these to wipe the sentence (? )out of an official register.

demo over
: (
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Anonym sa...



troylloyd sa...

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