heppy sockbobby, rugcutter.

scenes from Buzzy (America's Favorite Teenster)
© 1945 Detective Comics (DC)

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hepcat whomp sa...

the comic also features
Jerry the Jitterbug who wants
a $5 sax sittin' inna window, but he's
"flat as a pancake with no one
to make a touch from -- jeepers! "
walking down the street, he sees
a blind organ-grinder w/ monkey
" what an idea -- it's solid! "
he swipes 5 bucks from the
organ-grinder & gets his sax.

" The idea of the artist as obstacle,
how perhaps instead of giving a
more precise or glamorous form to
the platitudes of the culture,
the artist might propose himself
as a sort of impediment --
like sticking out a foot in a
corridor and changing
the direction of traffic. "
David Antin

astoody howwa peep
akitchully speek & langa
datta rilly liv inna lifes

" I demand of art the role
of the challenger ... of play
and interplay,
play being the
very manifestation
of the spirit. "

jazz'd a scratch spindizzy
mixology masht rubberdux
'n stealin' legal free air

" Language is always partially opaque,
though we tend to forget this in daily usage
unless we are at the boundaries
of comprehension. "
Joan Retallack

(for the loave of words
aloaf baked on rising
from hellish oven heat,
air pockets are important.)