paljain jaloin, pään.

i'm outta town doin' a gig to make some money, installing telemetry devices inna hospital. no laptop, at the library. offline offline. the elevators, allday.

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deadbeat wardheeler sa...

i'm in Dunn North Carolina @ the Betsy Johnston Regional Hospital runnin' wires in their ceilin'.

s icide
su cide
(you & i)

hard discharges
of no more ruterns
like that nurse said
crazy-ass people
at least
seven times a week,
to say hospital
outta that official wall
elsewheres against
involuntary commitment
dragg'd to bughouse
& then back ohmless
in streets,
madmadmad world --
throwin' chickenbones
see 'em scatter hexagram
ching or change
in dhealthcare.

smoke-hole cigarettes
& metta orderly
pill'd to gills
& offer whatchaneeds
like pez from