a better mouthtrap

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badtripcity sa...

knowing no things
less the earth
yes (inmidst) no
-putative objects-
claim fatality
flaws & fault'd
in/determinacy :
captive collapse,
reciprocal exfo
infor frontier
yond being to non ≠

" For a ground becomes accessible
only as meaning, even if it is by itself
the abyss of nonmeaning. "

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Heidegger

already always
oded in co -
differing companies
logo'd tombstone :
ea. graveyard w/
mortician method
sealing bodies
to ground


- - - -

Chris sa...

Dear sir,

I should like some sort of physical instance of that "writings emerge" piece.

That is something that should please me.

troylloyd sa...

Salutations Chris,

thanx for yr interest,
i appreciate yr readings.

e-mail me,
(addy on blogger profile)
& we'll set up
a postbox mailing,

,Yours Faithfully

mike cannell sa...

hey Troy, good to see you back. didja get my package?

gary barwin sa...

I've really enjoyed the last few posts. Some great work.

Like the legerdemain of "readings remain." And the jigspeak puzzle, the shut your trap on meaning work.

The blog is my one-stop-shop destination for amber lighted vispo and retooled cartoon fandangery.


troylloyd sa...

hey Mike:

yes, i got yr pkg!
= )

i've sent you an email on the topic.

troylloyd sa...

Gary :

many thanx for yr words.

my sister Wendy loves amber of the tree resin variety & has many beautiful pieces, maybe it runs in the family b/c its tone also appeals to me, & of course, beer is good for you.
= )

"retooled cartoon fandangery"

whatta great phrase!

hopefully i won't be contact'd by any copyright lawyers!
= )
but Judge, yer honors, it was only fandangery & not meant for commercial purposes, please grant mercy upon me!

mike cannell sa...

cool. my stupid e-mail won't let me reply so I'll write what i said HERE.


Yeah, it sucks you have to go out of town.
The “real world ” interferes with us all. Hope you get enough monies soon.

Reminds of the ted Hughes poem where it says “Why should I let the toad work / Squat on my life?”

Next time I send u a package I’ll send you more soundpo and maybe some of my noise too.
See you ‘round

Cheers mate,


troylloyd sa...

“Why should I let the toad work / Squat on my life?”

good quote.

ah, yr email is still mess'd up?

yup, noise for the troys -- you got goodstuff fersure, yr drone stuff has been great for the allnite drift & the soundpo gurgles my waves.

i'll start assembling a return pkg, but it won't be as large as the first one.

hope you're finding uni to yr liking & all is well.

cheers brother,

mike cannell sa...


My e-mail only sometimes plays up and when it does it's a major pain in the arse. looking forward to the parcel. I'm pretty certain I can send you more of the same size.
Viva la mail art!

ArtSparker sa...

"There is not nothing, no,no, never nothing,
Like the clashed edges of two words that kill."
(says Wallace Sevens)

troylloyd sa...