blundie blackout 2

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katzenjammer kids sa...

byeby bybye
frame | frame
up to a point
w/ chronic disengagement :
narrate neara nar
naviscan scartags
searching cicatricose
(show nothing)
milligrams & mpg,
burn blaming stakes --
popular witchcraft
& bestselling wizardry :
spangle wavers
w/ bombburst, air
(still there)
oh sayso bestbless
or hardhats building
building a real free?world
w/ needs to expand
- future growth
at the end of the day
it's official :
open for business
& laying off fastest,
falling proof-its
dollar to downturn,
news you can use
& all you can eat ;
a dime a dozen
(go for it!)


mike cannell sa...

kulturejammer says:


Andrei sa...

Wow, Troy, did you see this post?


I like yours better. I'm curious about the technical aspects--how do you photograph them? They look really good.

troylloyd sa...

haha, dammit!

Andrei beat me to it & even cunningly dropped a Kara Walker reference!
: )

i was think the blondie ones were kinda about the depiction of trditional american female roles, esp. this one -- but i didn't wanna be direct & wite a thing about it...

i just use a little sony digicam & aided witha stolen magnifying lens i swiped fromma tempjob i had atta pharmaceutical warehouse, i also swiped large amounts of xanxax etc & was paying my rent for a good while, it was all out of date stuff that was going to be disposed of anyway.

none of the above is true, i made it all up.

my name is not even troylloyd.