the South, dirty, will rinse again

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whistlin' trixie sa...

extreme antique whiteboy
fulla oldtimey nigger-snicker
anda hater thankin' grace
as dumbass dixishit
cups yr jock
of impotent ignorance --
you wanna rumble dumb
& beat it w/ a baseball bat
in muscle of mindless numbing,
bigblock '68 jammin' camaro SS package
nitrometh holeshot to hell
bangin' the blower burnout,
yr positraction is gripless
liftless & limp --
yr dick intha dirt
hollow head a'hurt
unthunk'd & flunkin'
any kinda intellitest
ridin' rodeo chickenkick'r show
such massive masculinity
sweatin' ballsacks blublack
on backa beasts
stinkin' high-heaven bullyshit
intha yellabelly slumpguts
of yr fuck'dup worldview --
hoppin' anda hollerin'
like y'all done conquered
the world.


country crock

fresh buttery taste

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F. A. Nettelbeck sa...


mike cannell sa...

fcuk cnut shti

ArtSparker sa...

o my soul is white

- William Blake