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attn trgt sa...

" And you Mr. Ground-of-What,
Mr. Text, Mr. Is-Was,
can you calculate the ratio
between wire and window,
between tone and row,
copula and carnival
and can you reassemble
light from future past

in its parabolic nest..."

. . . . . . . . .Michael Palmer
Letters to Zanzotto

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Dear Everyreader :

realshit goes down
& books are broken
against the page,
a fix which is difficult
as entryway erases
answer to explain,
sign sigh sign sigh
sigh sign sigh sign
sign sigh sign sigh,
should the scalings
sentence wide write
leftover from question,
untitled intertwines signature
& entire univocality of margin
bound by boundaries,
assemblage shifts odd
as cloudclox almost on time
or speakthru throat hole,
hermetic grogging thothly
at once saying a thing
as saidso can barely say,
enact space exact
in talking curve awkword
place there is none,
again & again possible phrase
straight brains to subject
then object disappears,
outlined by containers
on empty difference
marking losses kept,
x) is
y) is not
none of the above.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

oh yeah,
Fuck You Dan Schneider.

Proemists always hope their excesses of lingo will be justified by the proem form. With that admonition in mind let us look at this proem by 1 of the most hailed proemists/'Experimental Poets' of the last 35 years: Michael Palmer. MP is not the worst of this lot, although he is the most well-known. Vaguely associated, in a fringe way, with the horrid L+A+N+G+U+A+G+E poetasters, he is generally better. That said, he is guilty of incredible vacuity, excessive overwriting, & just plain boring work. This is 1 of the most glaring weakness of all these sorts of 'Experimentalists'- too often their writing fizzles out into banality. When their poems inevitably fail to reach an audience they have the ready excuse: 'it was the audience's fault'- either they were not hip/smart enough, or they were biased against the 'poet's' aesthetic. That the writing was just bad never seems to cross their minds.

Copyright © by Dan Schneider, 7/18/02

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mike cannell sa...


nico sa...

sorta like the alfred hitchcock of vispo here

Anonym sa...

Huikeaa. Kuin kuun pintaa, mystisen tuntuista, salaperäistä.

Satu from www.lauloja.net

troylloyd sa...

ord vurm

troylloyd sa...

Shadow of a Doubt

The film's next sequence builds to a suspenseful climax as Charlie rushes through town to get to the library before it closes, to read the edition of the newspaper that her uncle had damaged. The background music (a piano concerto) builds and swells as she determinedly walks across intersections with her arms stiffly balancing her on either side - the camera tracks backward as she approaches. Heedless of traffic at one busy intersection, she barely avoids being hit by a turning vehicle. The policeman, Mr. Norton yells at her to "get back" to the curb. The town's clock shows the time: five minutes until 9 o'clock. Finally, after waiting for the light to change, she steps out, but the officer reprimands her again. The lights of the Free Public Library turn off just as she arrives and the town's clock begins chiming. At the door, she knocks loudly on the door - passersby from the sidewalk look toward her. She pleads with the stern, old-maid librarian to let her in.

troylloyd sa...

salaisuus on tullut ilmi.

kuuraketti !

(olla hyvin innoissaan jstk)

lisätä käännöksen sanalle kuunvalo

( luen usein kuunvalossa )

Kuutamo and kuunvalo are often interchangeable, but kuutamo refers more to the state or phenomenon of the moon shining whereas kuunvalo refers more specifically to the light itself.

troylloyd sa...

dunno what happened to the comment box, it seems to want the requirement of a .com link for some reason, i'm going to see if i can adjust it.

& here is the link to Satu's vizzy website, containing many interesting things therein:


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Anonym sa...

creepier and creepier the more i look. the near metal texture. the shadows. the coldness of the void. all attract.

Eeva K. sa...

Mikä salaisuus on tullut ilmi?

troylloyd sa...


Anonym sa...

Niin kuutamo versus kuunvalo; kuutamo on kuin yleistys; kuu paistaa on kuutamo, mutta kuun valo on itse olemusta enemmän kuin näköaistimus - edelleen kun katson näitä runojasi (jos en lue kirjoitettua) tulee mieleen kuu, jokin mystinen elementti, mutta sana hole herättää mielikuvia kielen syvyydestä, ymmärtämisestä, voimmeko todella koskaan nähdä vai onko kaikki vain kuin suuri reikä, pohjaton kuilu? Olisi mielenkiintoista olla pääsi sisällä kärpäsenä...=)

Nämä kestävät monet katselukerrat ja aina sikiää uusia mielleyhtymiä.

troylloyd sa...

hehkusana valonlähde




näkymätön kirjoituskone
virheellinen tyhjiö
kirjoita kirjallisena
kirjallisena ei mitään nolla
nolla no noll
( häviävämuste )

tyhjä sivu
sivu tyhjä
tyhjä sivu
sivu tyhjä
tyhjä sivu
sivu tyhjä


. . .

troylloyd sa...

löytää → löysi (to find → found)