ashes inna pile (lord)

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troylloyd sa...

the poem is by F.A. Nettelbeck
pubb'd by
Rough Life Press

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mike cannell sa...

burn,baby,burn-literary inferno!

F. A. Nettelbeck sa...

I LOVE it man, beautiful!

troylloyd sa...

smoggout, deep hits via shotgun technique, hold it in :

the first songs i heard after the first time i smoked greenleaf, skipping school w/ the heavy-metal kids, was "whole lotta love" by LedZep & then "the starspangl'd banner" by Jimi James Hendrix : the sounds of which fried my little brain,

similarly, when i first read F.A. Nettelbeck, he hit me like a ton of bricks : direct impact.

not only the immediacy of life transposed wordwise existing as natural as debris in the street, as natural as mothwing residue on fingertips, but the technical aspects of his writing are highly evolved -- how he constructs the thing, one example of which would be how he uses the comma
, like this

& in addition, Sunburned Hand Of The Man released some of his spoken word stuff on cd via thr ManHand label, aces!

his influence stands tall with me & i'll never finish the readings, still accumulating his works & each poem gives massive energy, solar heat.

a short review of his latest book @ Galatea Resurrects:

a small review of F.A.'s latest book, Don't Say A Word

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troylloyd sa...

hey F.A.

happy you diggit.
= )

matt dalby sa...

What follows is a lie. Or it may simply be fiction. Or misremembered. Or someone else's story, real, invented or misremembered, that I once encountered and adopted into my own memories. Unless it's plagiarism:

1. I wrote a short poem in blue ballpen on the blinds at primary school.
2. I tried to set fire to the fireproof blinds at primary school.
3. I was asked to open the blinds at primary school, and the blinds, rail and all, fell down when I pulled the cord.
4. I was asked to fetch someone to look at the blinds in primary school. But I was afraid of talking to people, so I went and hid in the toilet for the rest of the lesson.
5. I sat watching faces in the blinds at primary school.
6. I burned holes in the blinds at primary school with a magnifying glass.
7. I burned holes in paper money with a magnifying glass.
8. I burned ants with a magnifying glass.
9. I burned a hole in my bedspread touching the power cable of my radio to the blade of a pencil sharpener.
10. I sat watching faces and words form in the soot burning on the back of the fireplace.
11. I tried to set fire to grass cuttings at primary school.
12. I have a burn on my arm from falling in a bonfire. Aged eleven me and some local kids were running round and jumping over a bonfire.
13. I set fire to my blue pen.
14. I set fire to my primary school.
15. I burned a hole in barbed wire using a magnifying glass.
16. At primary school I paid for matches with a poem.
17. I burned pictures of ants on my arm using a magnifying glass.
18. I put the power cable of my radio in my mouth. There was a huge bang I felt across the bridge of my nose and then I woke up. My parents were upset and happy and furious.

troylloyd sa...


damn, i usu respond to commments via inversion, morphology or just riffing off the source commment material someone has left.

but yr commment has left me jawdropt, good bitta prose there & thanx for taking the time to fill in the blank space.

ArtSparker sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
ArtSparker sa...

You've wasted time on the other rides
But this is the nearest to being our lives
-Richard Thompson, Wall of Death

(far, far from led zeppelin)

troylloyd sa...

also far, far from LedZep:

1st acid @ Metroplex w/
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

(way before they went cheesy cross-over, D.R.I. was really good, esp. live, their 2 early lp's are still good too)