skullshining margin of things more

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skallskada sa...

so serious.
such serious serious.
severely serious.
stonily serious.
serious secundum sayso.
solemnized serious.
serious serosity.
spermal serum?
sidereal sirius?
starstruck stately?
syzygial sinciput?
studious stonecutter?
stricto sensu?
sagittal suture?
shadow sheets shibboleth
shrend shortshrift shreddy
shirring shaftways sheaflike
shimmy shapeless shrapnel
shutdown shrugoff shuddery
shoveltusk shoutsong shookup
shellacking shatterable shankmains
sharpshot shearstresses sheepsplit
w/o sans sans or sans
t. ex. skrivkunnig
t. ex. skaldekonst
t. ex. skotthål
t. ex. skuggboxning
t. ex. skönvärde
t. ex. skärpedjup
t. ex. skallskada
t. ex. skrattsalva
jmf. compare
cf. jämför

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mike cannell sa...


troylloyd sa...

from where came this title:


superintendent of life on crops skullshining and yes like the margin of things more

on crops skullshining and yes like the margin of things more

crops skullshining and yes like the margin of things more

skullshining and yes like the margin of things more

skullshining and yes like the margin of things more

and yes like the margin of things more

yes like the margin of things more

the margin of things more

things more


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excerpt from:

Öyvind Fahlström
The Art of Writing
Antonio Sergio Bessa
pubb'd by
Northwestern University Press

Öyvind Fahlström (1928-76), the Brazilian-born Swedish multi-artist, is one of the mid-twentieth century’s most intriguing cultural figures. His work, as profoundly political as it is aesthetic, spans two tumultuous decades following the World War II and comprises concrete poetry, manifestos, plays, multiple prints, installations, sound poems, and sculpture. Initially poorly received in Sweden and little appreciated in the English-speaking world, Fahlström experiments with concrete poetry and the visual arts are now increasingly recognized as an important contribution to the avant-garde.

The first study to give this major twentieth-century artist his due, Öyvind Fahlström: The Art of Writing serves as both an informative and entertaining introduction to Fahlström, the artist, and is a valuable critical analysis of some of his most important works. The book focuses on a small gropu of works including his book of poetry Bord, the series of paintings Ade-Ledic-Nander, the radio play Birds in Sweden, and the interactive painting The Planetarium (based on Natalie Sarraute’s novel Le Planetarium). Bessa’s Öyvind Fahlström--The Art of Writing is without precedent or parallel as an overview of Fahlström’s art, an assessment of his place in twentieth-century cultural history, and an examination of trends and movements, such as concretism, in which he figures large.

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& the bits of Swedish:

t. ex. = till exempel
(for example)
skrivkunnig = able to write
skaldekonst = poetry
skotthål = bullethole; [gunshot] range
skuggboxning = shadowboxing
skönvärde = beautiful aesthetic value
skärpedjup = depth of field
skallskada = skull injury
skrattsalva = burst (roar) of laughter