aporia ascription

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noth toss sa...

those who throve

hymin Latrinity

zuk ref

spectrum use hues
upon upper ends
being bent & bend
radiant w/
heavy curve
as gravity magnets
locus around orbit

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Andrei sa...


mike cannell sa...

stamp stamp and stamp again!

troylloyd sa...

hey andrei

what do you mean?

troylloyd sa...

hey Mike

yeah, i found a buncha old leadtype atta antiquie store a ways back, didn't getta full set of one font tho, they hadda old letterbox jumbled w/ misc. bits.

the leadtype doesn't work as well as rubberstamps for regular use, ya gotta really press down hard to getta good impression -- i'd still like to finda (locally, those leadtypes are too heavy to ship affordably) full set & make a homemade press, it'd be fun -- but that's just daydreaming anyways.

it really took some skill for the artisans to cut leadtype way back when, but maybe i'm thinking i should scruff 'em up a bit, mangle 'em etc. to get some texture?

mike cannell sa...

seems allright as it is, but you should do that to a small number of them,not all of them

troylloyd sa...

yep, i'll scrubbup a couple of 'em & see if it's worthwhile.

ArtSparker sa...

If you could attach them to the bottoms of shoes, and then get a long roll of newsprint...there's some conceptual possibility in there

troylloyd sa...

good idea w/ the shoes, it'd be cool to have some self-inking soles to stomp around sidewalks or up the side of a wall -- when i was little & walking home down the sidewalk, there were big shoe-prints in the concrete of the sidewalk, i had to stretch to land in each shoe, mercuryfeets.