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snarly rackabones sa...

this niche is leaking,
what once an opener
uncanned lay labeled
row upon row,

grocery store.

" visibility zero "
- pages away, that was
just the other day, how
much blanks for fill
'til index is a complete


- supplement -

softboil'd excorpse

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

mike cannell sa...


troylloyd sa...


ArtSparker sa...

Shall I uncrumple this much-crumpled thing?

- Stevens.

Best wishes for future explorations.

troylloyd sa...


can the crumpled thing
be uncrumpled?

muchmuch the crumple
folding soft creases
smooth for papertrail
inkly writ stainwise,


the cookies, the oven
a baking such sweetly
nosed toward the eating,
the eating,

Anonym sa...
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Anonym sa...

I like this one very much: first those men like they were watching and lost at the same time.

And then those 'ketjut' tai 'madot'
what is it that word - chains (?) or worms(?)

Perhaps words are some kind of
worms inside of us (lapamatoja - I don't know what that word is in english "shoulderworm" =) perhaps)

But this lapamato is a parasite and perhaps words are some kind of stuff eating our mind...perhaps this hole world are a big parasite eating our minds. =) Hmmm.

And that last picture 'tölkinkansi'
it was almost beautiful....

You always to manage herättämään niin niin monia ajatuksia. Thanks for that.

troylloyd sa...

hei Satu!

hyvää uuttavuotta!

thanx for the words, you also awaken many ideas for me,
like how your comment speaks of worms & how you say "lapamatoja" (broad tapeworm?¹ to talk about the parasitic aspect of language -- bringing to my mind the theories of William S. Burroughs, the wordvirus ever multiplies -- now even the word "virus" itself has developed a stature of heightened response, almost Burroughs reality television: the mention of "virus" strikes panic in people & goes red alert -- & how computer viruses have become a part of the landscape, alien information eating host information.

another thing, that i found somewhat amusing: i was researching French poetry & would use Google Translate to look at French pages -- the googtrans will make the Fr. word "vers" (verse,line) change to English as "worms" ! haha, the Fr. word "ver" means worm & for some reason googtrans does not
recognize "vers" as a word distinct in itself.

"It is not with ideas we do worms,
it is with words."

"...the worm is everywhere in the language where there is pace, except in the posters and the fourth page of newspapers."

"The worms that several short words refait total, nine, foreign language and incantatory, complete isolation of the word: denial, a trait sovereign chance remained under despite their artifice retrempe alternating in the meaning and sound, and causes you to have this surprise never heard such fragment ordinary speech, at the same time as the reminiscence of the named object is bathed in a new atmosphere."

Crise De Vers

here's another:

"These worms, these poems in prose, in addition to the literary magazines, one can find them, or not, in the Luxury Publications, exhausted, as Vathek, the Raven, the Wildlife.

I have done, in moments of embarrassment or to buy expensive canoes, besognes clean and that's all (ancient gods, English words) that it should not talk, but apart from that, the concessions to the requirements as to pleasures have not been frequent. If at any time, however, despairing of despotic released book myself, I peddled after some items from here and there, tried to write alone, toilets, jewelry, furniture, and to the theaters and dinner menus, a newspaper, The Latest Fashion, whose eight or ten editions serve when I dévêts their dust to make me long dream."

Extract from a letter to Paul Verlaine

= )

¹. googtrans sez lapamatoja into English is "lapa worm", lapa means shoulder (or oar blade?) in Finnish.

heisimato käännös

madonsyömä kielitaju

miellyttävä kielivirhe


n ä k

y m ä

t ö n

troylloyd sa...


i found this soundfile while bouncing around the webby wide:

s a t u

: : :

Anonym sa...


Happy new Year!

cornpone sa...

Mr. Lloyd. You're shit is really weird and wonderful.

troylloyd sa...

thanx of many Mr. Orr,

perhaps soon my shit will get together & sustain dwelling of bigcity, maybe for the hangout scene & talking tables.

at the moment, i'm home for the weekend, but i gotta weird gig doing wiring installs & up 'n coming work will put me outta towns again, just got back from Kentucky ( a drag), but once settled again i'd like to get some mailings to you, as i owe you for the macaroni.