not looking, but looking (ocular pox 1)

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doppelgängbänger sa...

" workshop poem "

your you for to aloud mistake
cry. Truth it tell need no sound
but world doesn't,

in this, soft spot and stop across
mouth pretty going your gullet
down go hold, swallow.

you can understand it
there behind that all
roar dark out place,
nothing and want
ain't no excursus;

wings still wings touched slightly
just on thrush tough passing
perfect despair, hardly breast
stone by beauty of everything,


( bleak beacon )

- - - - - -

Chris sa...

1. Write asemicly on a superball.
2. Before the ink dries, throw it as hard as possible into a smallish box, so it can act as a stamp.
3. Repeat as necessary.

troylloyd sa...

hellyeah Chris!

a damn good idea,
thanx for layin' it on me.

i see a bright future
for you in the idea market:

Chris Piuma

Conceptual Consultant

= )

i appreciate it man,
you done gimme some
brainy balls to get bouncin'!


Anonym sa...

How did you do this? I wondered.

But then Chis there wrote - maybe it's a superball....

or somekind of glassthing...hmm...


mike cannell sa...


troylloyd sa...

hei Satu -- well, the secret is mylar bags (used for vinyl lp records, a lightbulb & pigmented glue.

= )

i am going to try the superball idea out though!

thanx for the kind words.