sum of drudgeries

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varp och inslag sa...

feeling of the fall, that final step
slipped. Such a staircase. Descent
& acsension foot by foot, shoed
sweaty in tangled laces tracing
eyelet thru holes moistly w/
density on sole too shitty
for licking, hotdog. A lucky
breakage. More wordhoard,
as it were, unknowable.
Damnation indemnity &
disfigurement in figuration.
The fall to fail or fault, unning,
open u untailed by y &
singling cell of o. O, liberty :
always faking. From anybody
to everybody. Longstroke
of shorthand fragmented
apiece wholes & tether-tether
to some strange uniquity, is us.
Isn't ours. Perpetual incubation,
where to hatch thru cracks,
untraceable. In scrutiny
turning tiny screws, simple
fasteners tapered spiral
sticking it to it in tension
of torque, depth measure
most of more made making
unbreakable. All apart of position,
deformed by constant pressure.
An immiscible disposition.
Lafftrax of the shitcom, canned
& uncanny, tragic gasp rattling
heads & laid in lines. No questions
asked, send it back. Immutable
intrinsic gauge-given readings
peg the red, blood or bone or brain.
Ain't nothin' else anything. Quiddity
to quilldriver, watch the wicked weather,
no warning, downpour. Stormstruck
sumways, brackage. Langbreak,
triggering mechanism, a little later
than never too soon. Forecast delayed
for update. All days long. Only hours.
Plus seven orbits more. No problem
per month. Time again in slide,
still steady. Under the tonnage.
Wheightwidth lasting to last,
trackback the path. An invariable
carnival, think again.
on the clock occupancy,
skip distance & behavior of waves,
bounceback, out of space
into speech. Enactment.
Coordinate kernel.

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