phanephased cave of Baudish ikon

recently while wandering webbly, i jump'd rabbit-hole of
p h a n e r o n o e m i k o n
one of Lanny Quarles' blogs.
Upon vision of a collage he had post'd, i was struck wordwise

to summonup a comment-poem
- when i returned,
i saw
Lanny had add'd my commypom
mainpage underneath the multi-flowering collage image
from which the inspiration came.

if you so wish, you may click below to see Lanny's collage
& read the Baudelairish poem thus prompted.
(alas, the sad ass)

3 kommentarer:

troylloyd sa...

" Yo no sé nada
Tú no sabes nada
Ud. no sabe nada
Él no sabe nada
Ellos no saben nada
Ellas no saben nada
Nosotros no sabemos nada "

...Oliverio Girondo

= = = = = = = = = = =

white eyelids
& stupid sleep
thru foggy cock
of gasping last rattle,
impalpable fatigue
amidst mask & fabrics,
slaked pillow
frames soft skull
in glassy casket,
a fatal avidity
diamondlike or feverish,
sublime functions
falling funeral thud,
wicked bitter & hollow
heavy haste
of enormous unvisit'd ecstasy
upon brittle wings
gazing thru gauze,
thickest pitch
flashes as damned
& the gnaw of foundation
shall termite monument
to clean the carcass
of shoddy civilization,
whether it be
the beauty of monstrosity
or the attraction of abyss,
whether it be
luminous brute blood
or mysterious phantom flesh,
the swords shall surely
be broken
& the skies shall
open wide,
for the filthy bitch
screwing our skeleton
loves the rottenness
of Nature
& throwing these bones
will worm words whole,
will climb over corpses,
will feed the infinity
of our shared vertigo
& crush such dust
with an exquisite grimace
whispering intimate secrets
within the brow we shadow
& crack this vile mirror
into a million shining shards
as bright as any hellfire
& weaving our banal canvas
abstract from illusion,
no image.

lest flu doom maul

◦ ◦ ∞ ◦ ◦

Stephen Nelson sa...

body lair
cemetery cement
grass plots

troylloyd sa...

body lair
cemetery cement
grass plots


= = = = = = =

bodily lure trapt
tombstoned trace,

what weird flowers
bloom in brain,

cracking concrete
of spaceless place,

arrest thru womb
with corporeal such lain.