the pre-owned sentence # 4

" I demand of poetry the role of the challenger. . .
of play and interplay,

play being the very manifestation of the spirit. "


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neonow sa...

"There are secondary sensations, varying with the individual because they depend upon his cultural or hereditary capital…Primary sensations constitute the bases of the plastic (and universal) language."

"For the artist, mathematics does not consist of the various branches of mathematics. It is not necessarily a matter of calculation but rather of the presence of a sovereign power; a law of infinite resonance, consonance, organisation. Rigour is nothing other than that which truly results in a work of art, whether it be a Leonardo drawing, or the fearsome exactness of the Parthenon (comparable in the cutting of its marble even with that of machine-tools), or the implacable and impeccable play of construction in the cathedral, or the unity in a Cézanne, or the law which determines a tree, the unitary splendour of roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit. Chance has no place in nature. Once one has understood what mathematics is – in the philosophical sense – thereafter one can discern it in all its works. Rigour, and exactness, are the means behind achieving solutions, the cause behind character, the rationale behind harmony."

"Engineer is achieving harmony, obeying laws of economy and mathematical calculation

Architecture is wise and correct "play of volumes in pristine sunshine"

Architecture starts where the utilitarian function ends

Form: Proportions are important – sensual mathematics is presenting us with order "

-Le Corbusier

Link text

Becoming Corbusier :

Against Functionalism

'Soft Modernism' : The World of the Post-Theoretical Designer

Emotional functionalism :

● Even functionalist form is expressing emotional qualities
● Architecture is an art aim of which is to create beauty with intention and awareness
● Against reduction of human beings to a simple diagram
● Restoration of harmony
● Sees man in his complexity – "Man who not only works but also sings"

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mike cannell sa...

l ink
c or/
b ursa
i e r

ArtSparker sa...

"Down all the days
The tap-tap-tapping of the typewriter keys"

-Shane MacGowan

From a song about Christie Brown, who was irregular.

troylloyd sa...



i like how they used to call tommyguns a "Chicago typewriter"


the bee's knees
also banana oil