graft vs. host

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clipjoint canary sa...

" We know nothing of the world
and will never know. All we say is
metaphor which asserts at once
our unknowing and our need
to state in some language
what we don't know. "

: William Bronk

= = = = = = = = = = = =

qtd. " wrd fr wrd "
o o o
( or )
maybe as aye
nay neither
choice to choose
( or )
per those haps
hazard chance
such accident
( or )
say sunder voidce
silent unsaid
thught therwise

r r r

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mike cannell sa...


troylloyd sa...

cainairy inna coalmind


Anonym sa...

Silver and silvery,
something hard and soft together...

troylloyd sa...


eggtooth sa...

great stuff in a great world over here in this end of the internet.
i hate mine. can i come play in yours?yours has cool pictures..i liked the outlet lightsocket blueness stuff.and these are great,too.they remind me of the metal plates i would put on an abdick 360...well,sort of. also like snowy windowpanes turned to mercury on an frozen picture of the floating mars.

mr. lowercase sa...

i've been depress'd & lazy, i feel like shit.

i couldn't come up w/ antyhing to update the blog before i go to Mississppi, my postcards are all edgeless.

we didn't get snow, my little poems are getting too trad, my visual poetry isn't visual poetry, i'm justa picture-taker w/ loose lips.

here's a disgruntled poem i writ recent:

dude, i ain't writin
nothin here
reads this shit anyways
like narrative imperative
whats the uses?
how can compare
w/ upallnight drunk cigarettes?
erdit member
ed it
it was raining
if clouds rumble rivers
only easier something
tossed off anything
rage face made place
snub rump grub bumpy
code hole grodie poles
poke poke
poke poke
sadsack shinolashits
wishin fizz glisten
brightblue like fuzzcuffs
readin rights tightest
backseat ride pullover
bulletproof snooze juice
gunpowder matchstix
as if energy
wasn't enough
what about the
transcendental shitlist
wipin my ass always hairy
official worlds
grant sanction sacks
plastic for grab
credit on demand
while dyin never felt better
more now more
than ever
this death