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ignatz brix sa...



I would like to know the meaning of "eeked out".

I try : Cette femme qui m'exaspérait vraiment ???

Est-ce que c'est possible que c'était "freaked me out"?

Non, eeked out = elle m'a choquée.

ça doit être lié au cri 'Eek!'

It eeked me out... As I said in French, I have 4 adolescents in the house... it's how they're saying it creeped me out nowadays.

The English language is an out of control cancer...
Eke is in my dictionary, eek is not. Various trawls on Google get eek transposing to eke.
It might help if we knew

* Where does your eek come from?
* What does "she creeped me out" mean?

If we know this maybe we can find a translation...
Have fun with google searches on eek
(there are a lot of useless hits)

Of course I understand the distinction between eek and eke.

But, adolescents are now taking the word eek and using it in a new way. For them 'to eek someone out' is to shock someone'.

OK, so eek out = creep out = foutre les boules à quelqu'un

Je me coucherai moins bête ce soir...

PS Is this a Canadian expression? Do English-speakers elsewhere know of this usage?

It's obviously a contemporary Canadian youth lingo that you are hitting us with.

Actually, the interjection "eek" [= expressing surprise, mild alarm, etc.] is listed in the Canadian Oxford English Dictionary. So is "to eke out", of course. I'm unable to find any authority for an alleged variant spelling "eek out" with the meaning "to eke out" though.

The backformation "to eek" (trans. v.), from the interjection, makes perfect sense and should be easily understandable, but it is argot or slang used by a particular social subgroup, not standard English.

(hiee = exclamation: eek, yikes)

"How bona to vada your dolly old eek."

"It relied on a range of linguistic sources to create a secret language," says Dr Baker, who has written two books and a PhD thesis on the subject. "But more than a language, Polari is an attitude. From the prisons and music halls of Edwardian England onwards, Polari has been used to laugh, bitch, gossip and cruise."

We know what o'clock it is.

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mike cannell sa...

poem o'clock!

troylloyd sa...


(Sv : "clear as a bell ringing"