sans sens

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: insert name here, sa...

maybe without reading,
the world will burn better

maybe without speaking,
the earth would spin less shit

an instant immersion
blot block blockt
p iecebypiec e
jiffyquik hijinx
toothing loose
aggrotone lurkish
behind the ozcurtain
& pottytime pisst
noise to voice
menacing the breath
w/ nothin' left
but the wreck :

(you're fired)
get high
toward that
final timer
trimm'd penniless
shed of all debt
from stomachs
shitstorm reflux
bleach'd blank
knockout sox
neath the lids

blink bl nk blink
bl ink lb dl kni ld
emerging exits
shift sidetrax
not even know it
anvil upside
gravity wedge
max'd the pegs red
burnout panmnesia
press'd to deck
trapticket snapshut
gutbucket hairbone on ends

allfinger'd printgrip
slashergraf spraypaint
must keep in flames
jecting hellfire heathen
shrilling skullhums
feelgone spacewaster
last leagues left
& halfway laced
notmuch camouflage
yet better legible
also and ending.

(all chess'd out)

entropy expo

who's us house
how we home


- - - - -

Angela G. sa...

Nice new works, Troy!

troylloyd sa...

thanx Angela, i wasn't sure about micky the morphmouse but it's weird i guess.

i'm leaving later today to go to N. Carolina, hopefully we'll have a hotel w/ internets in lobby.

cornpone sa...

These are rad.

troylloyd sa...

diggit Michael, thanx for lookin'

-- i'm still in loserland up here, but when i do finally make it down, we should hangout or somethin'

-- in the meantime, gimme yr mailing addy & i'll invade yer mailbox



cornpone sa...

Sounds good. Sending you an email now.

gary barwin sa...

These are awesome, Troy.

Weirds wthiin Woords.
Wooonderfl withn Wireds.

ArtSparker sa...

I can imagine little wiggly cartoon mouse legs with intermittently flawed film.

troylloyd sa...

wiggly wooids wed weirdly

film on film
frame for frame
enter mixen
falling flaws

(copyrot cyro-ears)

poor papa Oswald the unlucky wabbit,
laugh-o-gram suchsad that daddy Ub Iwerks of silly symphony Dis'd to Jonas ala Hannah et al.