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maulmaker sa...

nothin' ain't made
& making ain't nothin'

bodies to body
shadow on shade

fix'd for fit
puzzleless place

boned to birth
& gone loaning home

exactly what here
where breath never rests

askew symmetry
off balances broken

dusty thick bridges
w/ all roads thrown

lack of traffic
only tells the time

flat so floor
swept drifting figures

leak the perfect vacuum
all known volume

it was dark like comma,
only moment ago

most among unmanageable
are energies in devour

every object an assault
yeys feed eyes

trick of eclipse
spot some impossible

& sliding from sight
or simply never there

- - - - - - - - - -

Anonym sa...

So everything goes away:

"haurastuu" but colors are beautiful
still in their last moments.

troylloyd sa...

brittle picture
fading fragile
in "värikuva"

viittoa viisto
valoilmiö vääntää


pyörre filmi