classic 'crete remixes

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troylloyd sa...

a birthday poem for Mike Cannell
remixing poems from the historic
An Anthology of Concrete Poetry

top to bottom:

Bob Cobbing

Hansjörg Mayer
from "fortführungen"

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

Ferdinand Kriwet
- wert ollos"

Edgard Braga
limite do olho = limit of the eye
limite do eu = limit of the i
limite do poema = limit of the poem

- - - - - -

Kraxpelax sa...

Personal announcement!

My Poetry:


My Philosophy:


- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

troylloyd sa...


tusen tack!

i have been trying to find a good Swedish poetry blog & i'm lucky you found me.

quickclick on engelska singleswingle & i read first "A Love Supreme" & my head is resounding while i read, now i'll put on some 'Trane & go explore your many blogs!!!

det är bra att du besökte!

= )

troylloyd sa...

i couldn't leave a comment on schizotype because i think it's groupmember only?

so i'll leave one here:

du tala:

" I am looking forward to having a nice time in my Splendid Isolation.

my comment:



i've been wanting to use the Swedish word " ö " , it fits here. does the word " ö " read as " island " to Swedish speakers/readers, or is it only a dictionary word?

troylloyd sa...

here is the first Swedish poem i've written, it's kind of in the modernist fragmented style, i hope it comes through what i am trying to get at:

tänjbar avfall
innebörden av omskriven
fiberrik slingrar sicksack
i streckad linjer rynkigt
överallt o överallt
varhelst är varhelst
inte få en syl
så småningom
mm mil mm mil mm mil
mil mm mil mm mil mm
( flugfångare )
klibbig klistrade
flerdubbel flykthastighet
uppehålla till undkomma
varannan någonsin
var i varje
i varande
känna av könde känner
läslig läsbarhet
det brevet
på att i detta
därmed är inte sagt
att inte
( varp o inslag )
som om nu då nollnoll
jämlik med ingenting
ej heller ogripbar
olika tomma
utom renons
nog alla nog
( ogjord ordet )
aldrig precis klarhet
eko genljuda in i minsta detalj
dito detsamma dito detsamma
detsamma dito detsamma dito
dito detsamma dito detsamma
detsamma dito detsamma dito
dito detsamma dito detsamma
detsamma dito detsamma dito
dito detsamma dito detsamma
detsamma dito detsamma dito
dito detsamma dito detsamma
detsamma dito detsamma dito
dito detsamma dito detsamma
detsamma dito detsamma dito
dito detsamma dito detsamma
detsamma dito detsamma dito

mike cannell sa...

thank you so much!

Tack så mycket!

where did you get the originals?
Or have you already got a copy of the book?

troylloyd sa...

bappy ppirthday Mike!

yeah, i found an affordable softcover a while back by great luck, it's a bit battered but seeing how much copies of these books go for i don't mind, i just wanted a good reading copy -- it was quite painful for me to spread the pages in order to xerox them, the binding glue is quite dry & brittle & i was afraid i'd cause a break, but it didn't break so all is well.

it's a real pisser how damn'd expensive alotta the great classic concrete poetry books cost, i'm still trying to find an affordable copy of Mary Ellen Solt's Concrete Poetry: A World View, & John J. Sharkey's Mindplay : An Anthology of British Concrete Poetry, along with a few others, it's difficult to find these things.

one great little book to get, ifya ain't got it is J-F Bory's Once Again, available for as cheap as £8.00 & it really is a superb international anthology.

troylloyd sa...

also, i'd like to thank you for giving me this idea, while i was trying to come up w/ a suitablr ppirthday poem for you i thot this would work well b/c how you sed the book impacted you when you first came across it at the library, it impacted me as well when i first came across it, it flipp'd my lids.

i was happy how these remixes came out, so i thot i'd try a rather ambitious attempt of remixing the book page by page & making my own little book, 8½ x 11 fullsize paperback style -- but i need to get a decent photocopier first, the one i'm using now doesn't even have enlarge/reduce & that greatly limits my ability to do good remixes.

i'll send you along a copy when it's finally finished & you can read it alongside the original!!!

Anonym sa...

wind and water and 'kaisloja'

in the silence

and yet there's a 'liikahdus'

troylloyd sa...

liikkua liikkumaton
liikkumaton liikkua
liikkua liikkumaton
liikkumaton liikkua
liikkua liikkumaton
liikkumaton liikkua
liikuttunut liikutus
linnunlaulu linnunlaulu!
linnunlaulu linnunlaulu linnunlaulu!


. . .

mike cannell sa...

awesome I look forward to that.

troylloyd sa...

yeah, i hope i can actually make it happen!

hey, do you think you'll make it to the Text Festival on MayDay?

mike cannell sa...

unfortunatly it's in lancashire , which is far far too far away.

troylloyd sa...

damn, yeah it's up by the Irish Sea ,eh?

hey, that's close to Manchester, give Matt Dalby a ring & tell 'im to come give you a lift!

maybe the train?

it looks like it's gonna be a helluva shindig:

"Mainstream poetry has been dominated by writing simply as representation of the world or the poet's often less than compelling personal emotional life. The Text Festival examines and celebrates the writing of poets and text artists that questions the language itself and attempts to create new meanings. Britain has largely ignored this international field of work. The Bury Festival offers a rare opportunity to experience a remarkable range of work."

they've already made what would seem to be an interesting publication:

Fonoteca – A history of Sound Art by Maurizio Nannucci & Tony Trehy

& this kinda shit i alwayd dig:

The final commission is from Claus van Bebber, a German turntable-sampling artist with a big following on the continent. Bebber is strongly influenced by Fluxus and Dadaism and uses old vinyl records to blur vocal sounds and overlay in loops with additional layers of repetition to create a sound landscape. In his solo concerts he uses a number of antiquated turntables (usually five or six) to play prepared records bought in cheap second-hand stores. Van Bebber uses wah-wah and distortion pedals for electric guitarists to further modify the signals of his crystal pick-ups. This challenging new work will be premiered on Saturday 2 May at the Met Arts Centre in Bury.

German artist Claus van Bebber is an avant-garde sound artist. He is also co-founder of the artists group 'Heinrich Mucken' and has participated in many exhibitions and festivals including documenta 8. www.cvbebber.de

! ! ! ! ! ! !

we ain't never got nothin' near that cool goin' on down south here in the states, hopefully Geof will give good reportage for all of us who ain't there...

Stephen Nelson sa...

There's a nice wee anthology of Scottish sound and concrete poetry called "The Order of Things". It's a pocketbook and can be picked up quite cheaply at amazon or wherever. There's even a piece by James VI (circa 1600), as well as the usual concrete Scots.

troylloyd sa...

ah, yes. i've come across that book -- i'm gonna hafta pick it up!

it even comes w/ a cd