flex fluxly

a postcard from
Michael Orr

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troylloyd sa...

thanx Michael!

cornpone sa...

Hey man. You are very welcome. I did get the package. Exciting stuff.

Thanks for posting this. I'll have more on the way soon too. Hope all is well in the wilderness.

troylloyd sa...


i dug how mysterious yer card was & how you emulated my handwriting.

there's now a p-card on the way to you which hopefully arrives safely, it's an old library card pouch.

i noticed when looking at the picture you took that the black mark wasn't there & i think that damn machine the P.O. uses must have some serious torque-force if it scraped thru the varnish stuff you had coated it with -- i miss the days of handstamping & legible postmarks they used in the oldtimey days...