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troylloyd sa...

a small chapbook in the monotippo series
from my micro-imprint,
Birdword Brutwerk.


ArtSparker sa...

Kleine neue Werkstätte. The road runner is a great trickster figure.

mike cannell sa...

awsome work as usual, my freind. keep up the good work.

troylloyd sa...

hey Susan:

you're right.

it seems many of the old WB cartoon heroes were major trickster figures, esp in the early cartoons. Bugs Bunny is so clearly a trickster figure & a great role model to grow up with!
i still like the early Daffy Duck the best tho, he was totally screwball, i get upset at how they destroy'd sucha great character as Daffy evolved, he was on par w/ Bugs in the early days. it seems many old cartoon characters fit the trickster figure bill: Heckle & Jeckle (what a greatly named pair!), Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy, Screwy Squirrel etc etc

thanx for puttin' that angle in my mind, i'm gonna now look online for any kinda essays on the subject...

hey Mike:

thanx mate.
i'll keep on tryin'

Anonym sa...

Kuinka ihmeessä


upeita kappaleita, uniikkeja, mielenkiintoisia. Sie oot varsinainen käsityöläinen. :::)))

troylloyd sa...

hei hei Satu:

= )

paljon kiitoksia.

ja pitää kollaasi, ja pitää luoda pieni kirjan kuin lahja hyväksi ihmiset tuo inspiroida minua, ilman aikojaan & osoitta kuunnioitustaan suuri runoilija ystäviksi koska salamointi valoenergia motivoida enin heleä tekeillä minun aivot.

anteeksi minun kehno suomi! kielioppi epäselvä käsiala, ja tarvita enempi opiskelu!

= )

Stephen Nelson sa...

troy, these all look freakin amazing. Wondereyeful n stunning!!

troylloyd sa...

Auld Reekie!

Braw frien mon!

Foos yer Doos?

Me sassanak O is fer Och
& may yer lums reek lang and weil!

" For love o' wealth let misers toil,
And fret baith late and air',
A cheerfu' heart has aye enough,
And whiles a mite to spare:
A leal true heart's a gift frae Heav'n,
A gift that is maist rare;
It is a treasure o' itsel',
And lightens ilka care.

Let wealth and pride exalt themsel's,
And boast o' what they ha'e.,
Compared wi' truth and honesty,
They are nae worth a strae.
The honest heart keeps aye aboon,
Whate'er the world may say,
And laughs and turns its shafts to scorn,
That ithers would dismay."

. . .
Robert Allan
. . .

troylloyd sa...

Kailyard and After

When I wes wee I hud tae dae ma share
mulkan the kye wi the weemin in the byre;
I mind hou I wad scoosh lang streeman jaups
that loupit in the luggie makkin froth
rise oot frae yon rich deeps.

The douce kye skelpit roon thaim wi their tails
tae dicht the flees aff; whiles they’d cotch yir lug
a fair bit ding: ye’d sweir ablo yir braith.
An whiles the wilder yins wad try tae pit
their fit intil the luggie an caa ye oot
on tae the settles, luggie, stuil an aa …
an gin ye didna sett in ticht eneuch
there ye wad be, rubbin a sair hainch
a loch o mulk aboot ye in the grup,
the auld dug barkan an the weemin lauchan
tae see yir breeks aa smoort wi mulk and sharn.
Man, whit a contrast tae ma life-style nou …
nae dungarees, nae luggie and nae kye.

Escape to the tailored suit,
the pan-loaf speech,
the benefits of higher education,
the dull rewards of strict conformity.

O what a fall was there, my countrymen.

William Neill

troylloyd sa...

my mistake,
not Auld Reekie,
Cadȝow where which has the longest echo of any building in the world laid loch Strathclyde downsouth lowlands Lanarkshirey way.

Stephen Nelson sa...

Aye, great stuff, T! N bang on if I cannae see the loch fae ma buildin wi me no bein five minutes away fae Cadzow Brig.

Bothwellhaugh was razed tae the grun fur the loch when a wis a nipper n awe, trudgin roon brithren halls wi ma auld man who wis a preacher.

Nae coos tae mulk, nae chickens tae feed, but plenty cats n dugs shitin the streets. N the shite we hid tae eat, aw deep fried chip pan nonsense wi a smatterin ae HP sauce.

Loved the spread ma maw put oan fur the preachers who came visitin oan a Sunday tho. Cakes bouncin aff the table, aw hame baked - scones, iced sponges, fuckin great!

Pretty ruff aboot here fur a sensitive type like masel even if a dae sae so. Ma eye wis oan ma goals beyond. No uni or nothin like that, altho a did git there -but it wis kinda pish. Made it thru bouncin drunk aff the wa's, high as a kite oan the wacky baccy.

Dada doesnae mind that shit however. No kailyard. Mair yer Scots realism. Pretty grim, but like it wis. Drum banging orange ordermen rattlin thru the toun n kickin up a storm past the chapel. Tuff titty jam nitty gritty Scots realism n oot ae that intae this which is fuckin marvellous n aw. Good to be here. Good tae know ye. Fuckin aye!

(Sorry, Troy. Please forgive. Don't know what came over me. Goodnite bro, past midnite here. Sleepy heided . . .)

troylloyd sa...


guid guid giftie Stephen!

it's absurd to apologize for sucha finely wrought thing! itsa awesum autobiographical prosepome! i was stoked when i read it & the images flood'd in (brownsauce'll make anything better,eh?) like a blasto pure bright lightnin' anda liddle piece 'o yer life transcribed inna intense energy!

thanx bro, for the giftie & for the kindredness we share,

= )