swipe file

my favorite literary magazine is The Comics Journal,
sometimes they run a feature called the "swipe file"
& i've always enjoyed it
now the scurvy merciless spranksters over at
¡ Avant(terror)Unit !
have swiped that idea & applied it to poetics:
The Curious Case of the Conceptual Canadian
Doctor Bök vs. B-Box Fatboys
& also jammin'
poempigs bloody poempigs
¡¡ A(t)U !!
is madbananas!
ain't nuthin' can squash their spit!

4 kommentarer:

troylloyd sa...

" In swipe file we present two
or more images, identified and dated,
which resemble each other to some
degree. They may be homages,
parodies, ironic appropriations,
bizarre coincidences, or outright
rip-offs. We leave it up to you,
the reader, to decide what kind
of swipe you are looking at.
Readers are encouraged to
send in their favorite swipes. "

Anonym sa...

ugh, work for me

Anonym sa...

Interesting pieces,

i liked the second and the fourth ones.

troylloyd sa...

i like the top one the best; the smartass expression on that kids face just cracks me up...

...it was submitted to the magazine by the great comic artist Charles Burns.