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troylloyd sa...

a microbook of small typewriter poems
from the junkstore jukebox series,
from Birdword Brutwerk.

this pic is of the first edition i made,
the title was changed later.

a repurposed toddler's minibook as found
easily at junkstores for 10¢ to 50¢.

cover warapped w/ strips of an old
dry typewriter ribbon.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

mike cannell sa...

coolstuff. I got the posters you sent me, amazing stuff.
did you get the e-mail where i sent you? I sent you my attempt at a abstract comic.

Anonym sa...

and it could be taken easily

troylloyd sa...

cool, they got there quicker than i thot they would, sorry i couldn't send any of my junk, i've been behind w/ making stuff up. those paper kite posters are pretty cool tho, eh?

yep, i got it, it was too big to look at on p.c., i print'd it out -- i think you're a natural for making abstract comics, you should do some more!

yes, perfect pocket size!

i like those little mini books, they often have teethmarks in them, they are sturdy little books & fun 'n easy to work with.