a moment of silence, for Neda

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mike cannell sa...

facinating monochromism
worthy of klein
but in green.

ArtSparker sa...

You see the moment passing with the gradation.

I think those people may be in for the long haul.

troylloyd sa...

this is the first post i've made where i didn't leave a commment.

i was going to delete any commments that might be made, in order to observe the silence, but now i think it may be better to talk about it.

it was a heavy contemplation for me to make this post, singling out one person, while so many have died, been murdered.

i've never cried when i hear an abstract number, like 40 killed in protest, even when accompanied by violent video footage.

but i cried when i saw the cellphone video footage of Neda lying there, dying in the street, that her name means "voice" in Farsi heightens the sense of what happened to her.

it's also another horrid example of the continued violence against women, which happens everyday, every hour, every minute & in every country of the world.

humanity is still down there pretty low on the evolutionary chart, we may never get it sorted out proper.

my prayers go out to the strong peoples of Iran who bravely seek justice & equality in a hostile & terrirfying environment.

mike cannell sa...

i second your comments, troy.

gary barwin sa...

A lovely memorial, Troy, and call to action.

The green is so powerful. Strong, vibrant, not hopeful, so much as defiantly verdant, a defiant and very human-made viridicality (and veridicality) that has depth -- makes us look beyond, points to the beyond in the present.

Anonym sa...

and the light inside the silence...
still goes on...

troylloyd sa...


Thank you Gary


Thank you Satu