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troylloyd sa...

small monotippo chapbook

birdword brutwerk

Anonym sa...

i like that page where are that yellow "ruudukko" with hands and languages:

open hands - avoimet kädet
and little pieces of moments from all over the world:

"äkkiä ku
vät sävele

"ceived me
n. Then
ked him f
yself. You"

Il eut la
Il chut
Et sous"

and....more... i like that...

there's also a little bubble "irroitamme teidät" which reminds me that all of us need places where we can make dreams, where we can just breath

and sometimes (to me) that place is there where you can read a little sagobook and listen to Anouar Brahem's Astrakan cafe and feel the summer rain =) or you can just to read and listen to the birds from the trees...

troylloyd sa...

white night
from midnight sun
& ukkonlinnan vakat
burning on yöttömän air
thunderstorm Mjolnir
freakwing to freakwing:
Lintukoto Linnunrata


mike cannell sa...

wan some witnit

troylloyd sa...

outta th inkwell
into th blankness

William Keckler sa...

These are really yummy...

synaesthesia out the wazoo...

it's eye-mouth-nose-tongue-ears candy

troylloyd sa...

thanx William

i love the word yummy

i've been wanting to start a print zine call'd


strangely, it seems that many languages use "nam nam" for yumyum...