sluggojump thru nancyland wiggout

how to read Nancy

i've always loved Nancy,
so i thot i'd do a
semi-abstract comic.

Bushmiller writing back to Beckett:

"I don’t know how well they’re going to work. I think the problem you’re having, Sam, is the same problem any literary man might have. You’re not setting up the gags visually and you’re rushing to the snapper. It seems to me you’ve got the zingers right there at the beginning, in panel No. 1, and although I have to admit you got Nancy and Sluggo in some crackerjack predicaments, I don’t see how they got there.

For instance, putting Nancy and Sluggo in the garbage cans is a good gag, but in my opinion, you can’t have them in there for all three panels. How did they get there? Same thing when you had them buried in the sand. I like to do beach gags, but I don’t think that having Nancy buried up to her waist in the first two panels and then up to her neck in the third one is adequately explained, and I’ve been at this game for a while now. Also, why would Sluggo be facing in the opposite direction when he’s talking to her?"

Hermenaut 15

"Fake Authenticity"

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troylloyd sa...

? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

5 card Nancy

Anonym sa...

Fine stuff.

mike cannell sa...

great stuff:
i keep thinking Joe Brainard.
there is also a city called nancy in Germany.

troylloyd sa...

yeah, that Brainard Nancy Book is great:

if Nancy was a boy

= )

ArtSparker sa...

Pure joy, the flying brilloheads.

And thanks for reprinting the correspondence - possible Bushmiller's words should be posted in every artist's studio or poet's hollow tree.

troylloyd sa...


ha ha,

i wish i wooda went w/
"brillohead" in the title,
thats great term...

Sluggo in Zen Dreamland

& i'm glad i just found this:
Sluggo Agonistes