true truth & false falsity

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amusing human sa...

Dear Addressee:

(call it quits)

scene 1:

shot 1. blank stare
shot 2. sizzling dynamite
shot 3. slow fade

shrt rdr


banal naming as narrator
tungtrying temporal
or more oral as esophagus
tubular thru throat-hole

extractable residua
all surface segments


bottomthrottle shipshape

syntagmatic ruinclue


how & why

duodoxa dubbelup
amounts same thang
in the present of reference

so sez altversion
emplotted anywhichways
inna single movement
against all app
ear an ces
B & notB
being unbeen
tween db tween
meant as event
before & after

sans sans
i.e.: w/o w/o

scene 2:

shot 4. sperm upstream
shot 5. into egg
shot 6. body birth

" slap that ass "

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
.. . .. .. . . .. .

Anonym sa...

can anybody know himself or herself

or each other?

this world how it is today is a noisy place, i myself miss back to that silence and quiet that i can hear, really hear myself and other peoples, but it is not so easy trip

i sometimes think that maybe one day i became a hermit who lives in someplace where is a full connection to nature and if you want to meet somebodys you have to meet them face to face...

liikuin itsessäni,
mutta en tuntenut itseäni
olin kuin valo, joka ei löytänyt tietään ulos, kuin kuori joka odotti
murtumisensa hetkeä tullakseen osaksi syvempää...

i moved inside of me
but i didn't know myself
i was like a light which didn't found its way out, like a shell which waited its moment of collapse
to became a part of something deeper

mike cannell sa...

ciniman cinimatic psychodrama

Reed Altemus sa...

so STRANGE you're posting stills from Bergman today. I was just watching his "Through A Glass Darkly Last Night"!

troylloyd sa...

yes, i've often fantasized about the hermitic lifestyle, like Heraculitus who was said to live in a cave & eat grass on the hillside, like the obsessive monk who spent so much time in isolation creating the huge Codex Gigas.

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cycocinematic shindig!

yeah, i recently saw "Persona" & it flipp'd my lids, actually it helped to thrust me out of a funk & also spoken Swedish is so beautiful to listen to.

i still haven't seen "Through A Glass Darkly", so i gotta get a hold of that.


mike cannell sa...

psychocinorgasmic shinedig!

Anonym sa...

is everything subjective?

hell no

Stephen Nelson sa...

Then there's the story of the Indian classical singer Pran Nath who lived alone in a forest for years only singing for God. 'Course later he went to America and ended up teaching Terry Riley and LaMonte Young among others. (Young's work is impossible to come by - I believe he sells CDs for hundreds of dollars a pop).

I also love the story of Han-Shan and other Chinese hermit monk poets who wrote poetry on cave walls and rocks and trees, which presumably wasn't seen by anyone much. I would love to be content with that - art as prayer or meditation or expression of pure being with no concern for its consumption.

troylloyd sa...

oh yeah Stephen, Pran Nath rox my sox off & LaMonte devoted much energy into Pran Nath, & you're right, most of the recordings are only available straight thru Young & are quite expensive, even the stuff put out on that French label is pricey as well as any Fluxus related stuff,he kind of got upset when some of The Theatre of Eternal Music got released on cd a while back...

...& i'm glad some Angus MaClise reissues finally got press'd, he's one of my alltime faves, i still need to watch Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda tho, i should have went ahead & bought a copy when i had a chance...

...i just wish there were more examples of Marian Zazeela's work online, her art, calligraphy & lightshows are amazing!

thanx for your thoughts.