arkway anyplace

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boffo socko sa...

quizzery o'puzzle

putplace otherplace

anotherplace plasmputt

asunder the gush

headlong falling

skullshine rise

triplescore doublecross

tiptop typotraps

langolungs tricktongue


inkish fingers


sosayeth brainmaze

splayed & splitted

as spitting of image

( immersal ordure )

immerd inshit

stupa samsara

( mound mound )

thru torana allhole



Stephen Nelson sa...

Hey, I had a dream last night you set up shop next to the Baptist church in my home town. We all went round to troy's place. Had a blast.


soothsayeth brine mass




sa sa

Stu sa...

First one is kaunis, the lines are full of life itself...

mike cannell sa...

aseemic tripp

troylloyd sa...

yep, i'm southern Baptist by upbringin'
hollerin' holyghosts
& feelin' fire

if all my dreams were a tidal wave & everyday was christmas, we could live our lives on the drip at the edge of the world,

waking states

neath lids


kaunis & kaunis

trip to trip