The Pre-Owned Sentence

[The Pre-Owned Sentence]
The content of this sentence is invisible ;
the charachter and dimension of
the content
are to be kept permanently seecret ,
known only to the author.

Prior Owner : Mel Ramsden

ex re nu qua nu re ex


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autho unknowd sa...

No, not that
nor that
exact loss
& decay,
being what they
are being
is integral
as inherent
or crossout
thru lineslash
as much as
features go,
this element
constructs itself
thus the overtaken original
exists as counterproduct,
in essence devouring
its offspring
& never breeding again,
this instructions
from anything.

.(Layperson Terms :

the wanguage
in phrase
to phrase
pooled w/
poppy boxes
& common uses glued
to apt inclusion,
also of course,

scrptio continua

mike cannell sa...

ĜĝĞğĠġĢģ ĜĝĞğĠġĢģ
ĜĝĞğĠġĢģ ĜĝĞğĠġĢģ
ĜĝĞğĠġĢģ ĜĝĞğĠġĢģ

troylloyd sa...

the tugboat
was my favourite.


troylloyd sa...

a note:

as i was typing, i puncheddubble on
the "e" of secret, i liked it & decided to keep it - & change "character" also so it would appear more uniform.

the other day while going thru Karri Kokko's lovely blog of pwoermds,


, i noticed he had posted "seecret" way back on January 27, 2008.

so i just wanted to make sure i noted that.