selfportrait of the poet at a loss for words

My, what big books you have.

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bibliobasho sa...

What does this have to do with books?

troylloyd sa...

"In an art practice of parts, molecular flows, dispersals and schizzs, I find it impossible to speak of placement, there is no place that my art is ever 'at'. I like to think of it as satellitic between the following aphoristic coordinates :

The essence of the Sign is its margin.

Grammar must be skeletal. Words can be glandular.

What the head invents the stomach detaches.

Listen to the thinker's listening.

Meanings are what we alter. Truths what we displace.

If you must praise something, always praise that with which you disagree.

When it's meaningful, it never is.

Language as Poetry. Poetry as Action. Action as Futility. Futility as Utility + F.
F as Freedom."
............................Steve McCaffery