rubbing the olivetti

(shadow partner)

Homage to David-Baptiste Chirot

the bits of Swedish are:

"fattar du inte vad jag menar?"
don't you understand what i mean?

"allt eller inget"
all or nothing

word order

"ta tag i spaken!"
take the controls!

i had thought of a more appropriate tribute to such a great poet,
but i will hafta case out & devise a quick and stealthy technique
to accomplish it :

i live inna small town called Calhoun. The site of New Echota,
is nearby, the city hall of Calhoun has a big round sign in front of
the building depicting the image of a Native American and the
words : "Calhoun, Land of the Cherokee"
-- i want to append the crucial modifier "stolen", so it would read
"Stolen Land of the Cherokee", altho such an operation would
result in likely jailtime for me as with most southern small towns,
police presence is ubiquitous & city hall is highly visible in the
"downtown" & the coppers've got sharksense & i'd probably be
charged with an act of terrorism or sumsuchshit.

see commments for linklist to a few DBC works