Hth = Trth ( u as in uu )

An incredible eareyedrumming experience yestereve as to be in audience with Geof Huth for his performance of VisualVerbalVocal & inwhich a textual accompaniment in the form of a book ( pdqb # 123 ) was given as gift to those in attendance -- & the font used for the cover has a slight distressed look, it reminded me of transfer lettering (letraset etc.) of how sometimes (esp. if old) the rub-on letters don't transfer completely & create a time-worn effect; the parchment colored coverpaper complimented the letterforms.

Pardon the absence of performance photographs -- i was in mesmer & the euphoric feeling made me realize how rarely i witness live breathing poetry & the performative aspect of giving the words a life off the page & into the air.

The opening typoglyph "The Evolution of Thought" is a perfect introduction to the progressive movements inherent in VisulVerbalVocal, as the building upon building from fragmentary elements into more structurally narrative pieces gives the hearreader a prompt to process the presented information thru multiple channels of meaningfulness.

The living performance of this vistextual compilation was absolutely stunning, Geof's poemspeaking voice has a tremendous warm depth & how he enunciates his language adds a clarity as laserbeam straight to the brain, but also invokes one's heart via the human breath & in this looklistener hadda profound effect of emotional impact. By the time Geof got to reading "Man as Green as Eye" i was deeply involved with the feelingness that the performance generated & the culmination of all this was yet to reach apex, if there is an apex above apex it was reached via the performance of "Man as Green as Eye" due in part to Geof's gestural acts & barefeet & breathings & beatings & motion from below to above & looking out upon & his voice crackling near electric & varying speeds of reading -- it was intense. The capper was titled "Now an extem-
poraenous poemsong" which proved to be a concise finality for it was beyond language & gesture also played a role with walking, stomping, squatting & deep-lunging an emotive (this is just how i personally interpret the poemsong) charge of energy something similar to a cleansing or sanctifying of space. It was lovely.

i consider Geof Huth a major figure in contemporary American poetics & it was great to meet him & Nancy and experience the performative aspect of his poetry in the flesh & i'm still buzzing with excitement & enthusiasm from the performance -- a massive energy breaking thru the forcefield of daily routine & an uplifting to a firmament so free as barefeet floating skywise.

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memory quote sa...

"maybe the only poetry reading you go to and hear the word Schenectady twice in the same night."

mike cannell sa...

troy is a jammy git
git jammy is a troy
troy jammy
a is
is a troy git jammy?
jammy troy git a is


troylloyd sa...

thanx for the luckypome!

i like the phrase
"jammy git"

issit specific to
West Midlands?

i find the
rich history
of British slang
to be v. inneresting.

i recently came across
an old archaic Scots
word :
which originally meant
(it will be
high treason
if I'm grippit)
-John Buchan

i'm a dictionary fiend
& also buy the
dialectical dictionaries
when i come 'cross
affordable ones --

my dream is to one
day have the mighty
OED, but i'll prolly
end up w/ the mini
version with the
magnifying glass, which
in itself is still
a bit pricey.

troylloyd sa...

i meant "grippit"
also i meant to say
itsa word i can add
to my lingo as in:

"heya main,
i grippit
& much diggit"

mike cannell sa...

as far as I know "jammy" isn't peculiar to any region in the uk. I combined the words jammy and git my self.

troylloyd sa...

grippit 'n diggit!

good invention friend!