the old hopper @ Eyedrum in full glory

(small sidenote)
it was cool to see Geof quickly climb the old hopper at Eyedrum; he asked a small gathering of folks out front "is that thing safe to climb?" and he instantly leapt to climbing upon hearing the soft Y instead of the hard N, before the full word was enunciated. These are the only photographs i took of the evening & later discovered Geof has a strong dislike for camera flashes & i'm a bit embarrassed i wasn't more cognizant of how a sudden flash can be disorienting, esp. to a man climbing down an old rickety ladder -- similar to how crashes have been caused in 24hr. autoracing events by someone taking a flash pic at night & near-blinding the driver.
anyway, seeing Geof climb that thing was illustrative of his playful spirit & lack of fear in approaching the world.

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troylloyd sa...

i dunno if that things a hopper or not, or what materials used to pass thru it when it was a part of a functional manufacturing apparatus.

Geof Huth sa...


Thanks for these postings. And no problem about the flash. If I said anything about it, I was just joking. I actually told Nancy to take flash pictures during my performance, noting that the flashes wouldn't bother me.


troylloyd sa...

hey Geof

- thanx for easing my mind about the flash & taking the time to commment & thanx much very for the lively reading -- it was an excellent evening.

& i hope Atlanta has been good for y'all while visiting!


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troylloyd sa...

tow'r flow'r

mike cannell sa...


troylloyd sa...